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Intro to Biograph and Suites

This online course is for any user looking to start or get a better understanding of how to use their Thought Technology biofeedback equipment and Biograph Infiniti software.

Mini Course

This is a simple 2-hour adaptable option to meet the varied training needs and interests of clinicians, researchers and health practitioners. The objectives of the mini-course are set by the participant at the beginning of the session.

Developer Tools

Looking to open-the-door to modifying and creating your own visual screens, scripted protocols and/or statistical channel sets? This is the 6-hour hands-on online course for you and your software development needs.

eVu-TPS: Getting Started

This 1-hour online session is a simple and clear way for professionals to learn to use the eVu-TPS sensor with the companion eVu Senz application. Biofeedback and self-regulation can be unfamiliar in the domain of tablet and mobile apps, so this session is the secure method to become acquainted with the power and functionality of the sensor, app interface and possibilities for your clients.

Special Courses

We are dedicated to providing online training unique to the needs of any individual. Online courses by special arrangement for your clinical, research, or educational interests are always available to enhance your Biograph Infiniti experience. Number of hours shall be determined by client and instructor depending on client's communicated needs.

Benefits of our Courses Include

No Travel Expenses

Learn from the comfort of your own home or office.

Private Learning

All courses are private to ensure individual attention to your training needs.

Flexible Course Schedule

Flexible course scheduling to suit your needs.

Expert Trainers

Taught by world class trainers who have had many years of experience in their field.

Hands-on Learning Experience

The participants will get the benefit of a “hands-on” learning experience of this powerful physiological tool.

Variety of Courses for all levels

Courses available for new purchasers and beginning users of the TTL infiniti systems or for users whom have already taken several of our courses

Written Testimonials - Video Testimonials

Course Requirements

High Speed

Own Thought Technology hardware/software
or want to learn
how to use it

Headset with

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