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Whether you are a psychologist, a physiotherapist, a nurse practitioner or a medical doctor, our powerful and easy to use physiological monitoring and biofeedback systems will meet your needs for quality, flexibility and reliability.

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Recent reviews from our customers

Anne Halgren , Feb 3, 2020

My experience with Thought Technology Ltd has been great! The people I contact there, especially Josie, have been wonderful to work with. Always upbeat, always very accommodating to the needs of this program. Hope to continue doing business with them in the future. Thank you Josie!

Kristin Geis , Dec 12, 2019

We purchased a GSR unit several years ago and were not sure how to go about getting replacement headphones. When we called to inquire about options, we were told that they would be happy to send us a replacement pair. They went above and beyond to make sure they were sent quickly despite the holiday season. The process could not have been easier, and we were very impressed with their willingness to help!

Allison McCreath, PT , Dec 5, 2019

Amazing after purchase client care. I have never had an issue and love my EMG BFB unit! Excellent, extremely friendly and quality service.

Heather O'Donnell , Aug 15, 2018

Thought Technology has by far the best equipment for Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. The staff are professional and very knowledgeable. I am very happy to offer this service to my clients and add value to my practice. Thanks! : )

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Thought Technology lends its expertise in biofeedback-based solutions for healthcare and peak performance to Piiva, a leading sports mental performance company. MONTREAL, QUEBEC (PRWEB) JANUARY 23, 2023 Thought Technology, a leader in the field of psychophysiological monitoring equipment for over 45 years, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Piiva that will see Thought Tech’s GSR2…

NRBS Podcast | Healthy Brain Happy Body with Jon Bale

Jon Bale on developing the biofeedback and neurofeedback products we want Wed, 11 Jan 2023 00:00:00 -0500 Join us on January 25th for the free webinar, sEMG Biofeedback for Neuromotor Dysfunction, with Geva Antopolsky, BPT. Register or get a copy of the webinar after the 25th. This episode's guide Jon Bale is a product manager at Thought Technology, a major creator of biofeedback…

Thought Technology helps athletes reach peak performance with biofeedback

Human body produces various physiological signals. Analyzing the information can help people better deal with stress or enable athletes to reach peak performance, besides many other applications. Canada-based Thought Technology has been manufacturing instruments monitoring vital signs for over 45 years. Its products have been distributed to over 100 countries. Jingming Yu, Thought Tech'…