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Science Division

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Thought Technology's Science Division makes it simple for Life Sciences, Engineering Educators and Researchers to teach students how to use and measure biophysical signals with precision sensors of outstanding quality. Easy access to powerful computers and data acquisition hardware has paved the way for rapid, low-cost development of many health applications built around biophysical measurements. Institutional purchase of reliable, safe and affordable biophysical sensors are in demand as new programs are adopted at all levels of research and education to answer the growing demand for health technologies.

By offering easy to use Solutions, starting with an example instruction for interfacing with National Instruments DAQs, the TTL Science Division website is an informational resource for those seeking to integrate biophysical measurement technology with biomedical research and education.

The Science Division provides a wide variety of sensors (EEG, SEMG, EKG, BVP, SC, Temp, goniometer and more) with a sensor isolator for safe human measurements with 3rd party data acquisition systems and accessories (Telemetry, cables, push button, foot pedal and more).

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Software Developer Kit
    The TTL API software package comes with various examples of signal processing, display and analysis, which you can customize to your needs at various levels. The TTL API consists of two ActiveX-compliant controls. They allow access to live data streams and manipulation of data recorded on Compact Flash media.The SDK includes documentation and sample code demonstrating a simple use of TTL API with the following Windows application platforms: Visual C++, Visual Basic, Labview, Matlab and VBA (e.g. Excel, Access).

    TTL API SDK is available for research only. For further information go to Science Division.
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