Synergy Solution System - T4511

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The Synergy Solution uses the eVu TPS finger sensors to access each user’s heart rate variability, arousal, and temperature. From there, we can see how they feel, if they are engaging, and how to best help them.

The Synergy Solution is a tool designed to measure and interpret your clients’ stress markers in a group setting, as well as teach them stress management and resilience via biofeedback therapy. The goal of the Synergy Solution is to allow you, the therapist, to harness this approach even if you have had little or no prior experience with a stress measurement tool.

With this package you will be able to:

  • Monitor autonomic nervous system arousal levels related to group dynamics simultaneously.
  • Teach self-regulation with biofeedback.
  • Teach tension and anxiety reduction strategies with simple relaxation techniques.
  • Employ the competitive and cooperative nature of group settings into the therapy, for greater engagement and entertainment.

The Synergy Solution works with two of Thought Technology’s clinical grade physiological data acquisition device: the eVu-TPS finger sensors. The sensor measures arousal (skin conductance), temperature, and heart rate variability.

Package Includes:

  • Synergy Solution Suite - SA4511
  • eVu TPS wireless sensor - T4500