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Thought Technology is dedicated to providing our customers with additional services that enhance and supplement their Biograph Infiniti experience.

The TTL Custom Design Services Program is designed to:

  • Help busy clinicians get the most out of their software
  • It provides a platform for our customer’s demand for specifically built scripts and screens
  • Customers may submit their software design requests and receive a finished product ready to use
  • Can be tailored to suit the specific needs of their institutions, clinics, and private practices

Please download, complete and return the below questionnaire by email to workshops@thoughttechnology.com or fax back at (514) 489 8255.

Once submitted, our Custom Design Team will send you a fee quote including estimated turn-around time. The turn-around time will be based not only on the time required to create the custom development, but the resources we have available to develop at that time.*

Please review, sign and return the quote. A subsequent sales order will be generated and sent to you to sign and send back. Method of payment accepted may be made by VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

*Please note that the material Thought Technology develops is the sole property of Thought Technology Ltd and CANNOT be reused, reproduced, and/or distributed at any time without prior written permission by Thought Technology Ltd.

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