Tele-Infiniti™ Compact Flash - T9600

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Tele-Infiniti CF is now available for our 5, 8, and 10 channel encoders: ProComp 5 Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti and FlexComp Infiniti. The unit disappears into the Compact Flash slot , leaving only the antenna visible to transmit data up to 300 feet (100 m)* – useful for sports and applications where the light and durable fiber-optic connection may hinder an athlete, such as a golfer or archer.

Tele-Infiniti CF’s ability to send up to 10 channels at 2048 samples/second makes this a powerful tool, not just for sports, but for ergonomics, physical therapy, physiatry, or any of a myriad of clinical applications.

Wireless Data Transmission finds its prime use when a user is ambulatory and real-time data monitoring is required. Optionally, these systems can record to any CF memory module; the data can then be transferred to the PC.

Dr. Vietta ‘Sue’ Wilson, who released her ‘Optimizing Performance and Health' BFE Suite recently said: “Combining telemetry with Thought Technology’s encoders allows us to monitor a badminton player’s physiological activity in real time, to identify maladaptive breathing patterns, muscle tension and thoughts that interfere with ideal performance. We can then intervene and coach our athletes in real time.”

Major Laderoute, former Athletic Director of the Canadian Forces Combat Training Center stated, “Biofeedback is an essential part of sports training. We introduced the Bisley Rifle Team to Thought Technology’s GSR/EMG/TEMP Biofeedback, with Gold Medal results. Every athlete should have the chance to learn how to control emotive and physical responses to competitive stress that inhibits peak performance.”