Switch Sensor Cable - SA9387M


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The Switch Sensor cable enables you to trigger an impedance check by the EEG-Z sensor by pressing and releasing the switch button to briefly interrupt the sensor circuit. The EEG-Z sensor enters impedance checking mode, without requiring you to disconnect and reconnect the sensor.

This reduces wear and tear on the cable connection pins.

Connecting the Cable

Align the guiding dot on the top of the cable plug with the notch in the encoder input socket, and gently insert the plug into the socket.

Using the Switch Cable to Check Impedance

  • Use the switch sensor cable to connect the EEG-Z sensor to Input B of the ProComp2 encoder.
  • Place the electrodes on the client and connect the EEG extender cable to the EEG-Z sensor.
  • Start the software, choose the impedance checking channel set, and start a session.
  • Do not start recording. Access the impedance checking function from the Hardware menu.
  • Press and release the switch button on the sensor cable.
  • If necessary, adjust the electrodes on the client and then repeat the preceding step.
  • When you are satisfied with the displayed values, close the impedance check window and end the impedance checking session.
  • Connect the EEG extender cable to Input A of the ProComp2 encoder, and disconnect the switch sensor cable and EEG-Z sensor from Input B.
  • Choose the appropriate channel set and start the recording session.

The switch sensor cable is a replacement cable designed specifically for use with the ProComp2 encoder and the EEG-Z sensor for impedance testing.