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The Reaction Time Suite includes both continuous performance testing (CPT) and real sports reaction time training.

"Reaction time training helped me to be consistent and first off the line in race after race at the Olympic Games!"

Charles Hamelin
500m Gold Medalist - Short Track Speed Skating
Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games
2006 - 2009 World Championships

To read more about how our Reaction Time Training improved performance in Olympic athletes, click here.


Continuous Performance Testing (CPT)

The Reaction Time Suite takes standard CPT protocols (single, variable and choice) to the next level by combining reaction time data with time-locked EEG and physiology data, to allow direct linkage of response type to mind and body activity. This allows analysis of individual events or categorized group averaged data, to compare EEG, EMG and physiology during correct and incorrect responses, or errors of omission and errors of commission. The suite also includes training capabilities and offers unprecedented accuracy.

Sports Reaction Time Training

The real sports reaction time protocols are designed for biofeedback training in sports that demand quick reactions to trigger events. It includes screens for baseball, tennis, soccer, track and field, ice hockey and more to train for higher batting averages, better serve returns, more accurate penalty kicks, faster starts, and higher face-off percentages. Features use of push buttons, foot pedals and even raw EMG sensors, to simulate real sports actions by using EMG from muscle contractions to respond to events! Highly accurate, time-locked EEG, physiology and EMG allow in-depth analysis of mind and body activity during sports reaction time training.

Reaction Time Suite features

  • Continuous performance testing (CPT) with single, variable and choice protocols
  • Time-locked EEG, EMG and physiology with event by event or group averaged analysis
  • Training component
  • Real-sports scenarios and protocols
  • The first of its kind: EMG-triggered responses
  • Highly accurate hardware-based timing
  • Programmable audio and visual events
  • Integrated web cam with frame-by-frame review functionality
  • Review and report screens, full statistics and trend graphs for comparison across sessions
  • Quick start favourites for fast, easy session recording


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