Muscle Rehabilitation Starter System

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Our starter muscle rehabilitation system is ideal for clinicians who want to begin exploring electromyographic biofeedback without overwhelming their budget. Thismedical grade handheld device is easy-to-use and provides you with out-of-the-box functionality at a very cost-effective price.

Our handheld single-channel MyoTrac EMG biofeedback device is ideal for busy practices where ease of use, portability and great sturdiness are essential.The MyoTrac device allows total freedom of movement for ambulatory exercises and provides clear audiovisual feedback with a bright green-yellow light bar and proportional tones. With its user selectable sensitivity range and 5 feedback modes, this small unit can quickly be configured to suit most EMG biofeedback protocols. The MyoTrac is battery operated and sufficiently low-cost to be prescribed as a home training device.

Complete System Includes:


T4000P - MyoTrac 60Hz - Home Trainer 1 Channel sEMG

MyoTrac™ packs extreme sensitivity into a light, compact unit that works for you and your patient in the clinic or home. It is ideal for clinical assessment as well as for self-training. MyoTrac™ allows total freedom of movement for ambulatory exercises and provides a bright light bar and proportional tone biofeedback. The unit is accurate and reliable. MyoTrac™ offers three sensitivity ranges for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation or relaxation therapy, and provides stable readings in less than a second.


T8720M - Sensor Extender Cable

Extend the placement possibilities of the EMG and EKG electrodes with the shielded, low noise extender cables, available in a number of lengths and configurations. For use with all our devices (including our MyoTrac and U-Control Home trainers), except MyoTrac Infiniti.


T3402M - Triode Electrode

Triode™ electrode, with standard 2cm spacing of silver silver chloride electrodes, backed with nickel plated brass snaps to prevent corrosion when connected to pre-amplifiers for extended periods.

T3425 - Uni-Gel Single Electrodes

UniGel electrodes, pre gelled single electrodes, for sensitive placements on dry skin. It can be used in place of T3404 single strip electrodes.


USA Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or any other practitioner licensed by the law of the state in which he or she practices to use or order the use of this device.