Incontinence Starter System

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Our starter Continence training system is ideal for health professionals who want to introduce electromyographic biofeedback for pelvic floor muscle retraining into their practice without stressing their wallet. The system includes the compact and easy-to-use U-Control home trainer device and your choice of a vaginal, rectal or surface electrode sensor kit.

Add a new and powerful tool to your incontinence treatment and management practice with the U-Control device. This hand-held, single channel surface electromyography (SEMG) biofeedback device can be used in the clinic or prescribed as a home training instrument. With its easy to set work/rest protocols and adjustable threshold levels, this unit is the perfect portable pelvic floor trainer for out-of-the-box usability.

The stand-alone hand-held U-Control Home Trainer device is the simplest surface electromyography (SEMG) biofeedback device on the market. With two Work/Rest protocol options and adjustable threshold levels, the device is the ideal tool to help your patients regain awareness and control of weakened pelvic floor muscles to become continent again.

Complete System Includes:


T8825 - U-Control sEMG 60Hz Trainer

The U-Control Home Trainer system is a stand-alone, hand held, medical grade, single channel surface electromyography (SEMG) biofeedback device which incorporates simple settings to do basic pelvic floor muscle retraining exercises. The integrated SEMG amplifier easily connects to the Thought Technology vaginal or rectal sensor to provide the most comfortable fit for the treatment of urinary or fecal incontinence.

Two LEDs cue patients to tense or relax for 5 or 10 seconds. Patients view their progress on an ascending or descending bargraph scale of 15 LEDs and listen for rising and falling variations in a continuous tone.

An adjustable threshold setting allows users to gradually increase the level of difficulty and to report on their training programs as they progress.

Patients use a comfortable, reusable vaginal or rectal sensor in combination with simple biofeedback exercises to improve bladder and bowel function by:

Benefits for you and your client

  • 3 settings for sound
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Bandpass: .2 - 37.5 mV (x1), .6 - 112.5 mV (x3)
  • Selectable 5 or 10 second work/rest intervals activate a red and green LED to facilitate tense or relax responses
  • Letter scale to track progress
  • 15 segment LED light bar graph provides instant feedback

Optional Sensor

Rectal or Vaginal Sensor

Rectal Sensor - Single User 40.5in, 103cm - T6051

For single patient multiple use monitoring of the pelvic floor muscles. These precision sensors feature a vertical electrode configuration to ensure measurement along the direction of the muscle group.

Vaginal Sensor - Single User 40.5in, 103cm - T6050

The Thought Technology Vaginal sensor (T6050) are uniquely designed vaginal sensors that are remarkably comfortable, durable and reusable. The self-seating T-bar design and longitudinal sensor plates insure better placement and superior long term results. Single patient use.


T3425 - (UniGel Electrodes (2x 50pcs)

UniGel electrodes, pre gelled single electrodes, for sensitive placements on dry skin. It can be used in place of T3404 single strip electrodes.


USA Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or any other practitioner licensed by the law of the state in which he or she practices to use or order the use of this device.