EEG-Z3™ Sensor - T7680

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EEG-Z3 is a pre-amplified electroencephalograph sensor with built in impedance checking and 3 modes of operation: regular EEG mode (2 Hz – 1 kHz), low frequency mode (0.01 Hz – 1 kHz) for evoked potentials and low frequency applications and DC mode (0 Hz – 1 kHz) for slow cortical potentials. Modes can be changed on-the-fly. Also includes DIN input connectors for use with standard EEG electrodes.


  • Input impedance: Differential: 100GΩ paralleled with 270pF
  • Common-mode: 100GΩ paralleled with 200pF
  • Signal input range: 0 –200µV
  • Noise: < 0.5 µVRMS
  • CMRR (excluding CM signal active cancellation): >100dB
  • CM active cancellation effect: > 40dB @10-120Hz)
  • Accuracy: ≤ 1%, ±0.3µVRMS
  • Electrode offset tolerance (Slow AC and DC modes): ±100mV
  • Bandwidth, lower cutoff, 3dB EP/.01Hz: ±100mV
  • Bandwidth, lower cutoff, 3dB, EEG mode: 1.5Hz
  • Bandwidth, upper 3dB (all modes): 1600KHz