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General Biofeedback


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EMG MyoScan-ProTM Sensor

Model: T9401M-60 or T9401M-50

EMG MyoScan Pro is a pre-amplified surface electromyography sensor used with the ProComp Infiniti channels C – H for RMS sEMG. Features a range switch in the sensor head to change filter settings between 0 – 400 µV Narrow filter, 0 – 400 µV Wide filter, 0 – 1600 µV Wide filter with 0.1 µV sensitivity. Compatible with Triode electrodes or extender cables for wider placement of electrodes.

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EKGTM Sensor

Model: T9306M or T9307M

EKG sensor is a pre-amplified electrocardiograph sensor, for directly measuring heart electrical activity. Connects via extender cables for a single channel hook up.

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EKG Receiver for PolarTM Belt

Model: SA9330

The EKG Receiver detects the heart rate of a user from the Polar™ transmitter belt that the user wears around the chest.

PolarTM transmitter belt is not provided by Thought Technology and must be purchased separately.

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Skin Conductance Sensor


Skin Conductance sensor measures the conductance across the skin, and is normally connected to the fingers or toes. Supplied with two finger bands.

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Temperature Sensor


Temperature sensor measures skin surface temperature between 10°C – 45°C (50°F - 115°F ). It is supplied with a self adhering band for easy finger placement.

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Respiration Sensor


Respiration Sensor includes a sensitive and repeatable girth sensor using an easy fitting high durability latex rubber band fixed with self-adhering belt for monitoring respiration rate, waveform and amplitude. Can be worn either thoracically or abdominally, over clothing.

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Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) Sensor


BVP sensor is a blood volume pulse detection sensor (otherwise known as a PPG sensor) housed in a small finger worn package, to measure heart rate & provide BVP amplitude, BVP waveform, HR and Heart rate variability feedback.

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