Thought Tech's participation at Aspire Academy Global Summit
Thought Technology participated in the Aspire Academy Global Summit on Football Performance and Science, October 7th – 9th 2019 in Doha, Qatar.

As a sponsor and technology provider to the Aspire Zone Foundation, Thought Technology was honored to have the opportunity to attend the summit and learn strategies for maximizing player health and performance from the Aspire Academy Fellows.

Frank Degregorio at aspire academy conference

In a well-received presentation to the sponsorship session panel, Frank DeGregorio, Technical Director, highlighted the benefits of using Thought Technology’s Peak Performance Solution as part of a team’s overall training program. While virtually all professional sports teams include both a physical and mental training component, far fewer offer peak performance physiology training. One of the biggest advantages to this type of training is that both the athlete and trainer can see how emotions and thoughts affect the athlete’s physiology. Understanding how their body reacts to emotions and stress, athletes can learn how to control these reactions, thereby reducing the effect they have on performance. With training, athletes learn how to reach an optimal mental state, but more importantly, how to access that state whenever they need to.

Thought Technology's Solution for Peak Performance has been developed through decades of providing biofeedback and neurofeedback for professional and Olympic athletes as well as top performers in several other disciplines. It is the most comprehensive peak performance biofeedback solution on the market. Rather than focus on one signal type, it has the capability to monitor a variety of physiological signals such as: brainwaves, heart rate, respiration rate, skin conductance, peripheral body temperature, muscle activity, and reaction time. Users have the choice of creating individualized training plans or using methods developed in collaboration with top trainers at the highest level of sport and performance in the world.

The Aspire Academy Global Summit on Football Performance and Science is “an exclusive annual event reserved for Aspire Fellows and for the Extended Community, which enables the invited attendees to share their knowledge, experience, applied practice and research in Football Performance and Science. In a move away from the traditional conference presentation format, the Summit revolves around a series of roundtable discussions and workshops in order to encourage open debate and discussion between Aspire Fellows. In this way, the Summit is able to convey the different methodologies being used by Aspire Fellows around the world in the development of elite football players, whilst facilitating relationships amongst representatives of the Clubs, Federations and leagues. ‘Star chat sessions’ delivered across the Summit also draws upon the knowledge of leading managers, coaches and players within Football Performance and Science.”

Always looking for ways to improve its technology and address the evolving needs of its clients, Thought Technology was pleased to take part in this event and have the opportunity to network with such an illustrious group of sports professionals.

Thought Technology is proud to be affiliated with The Aspire Zone campus, a premier global soccer facility located in Doha, Qatar. AZ offers indoor, outdoor, natural grass, and synthetic turf training facilities with spaces for mental performance, visual-motor training, and advanced analytics technology.