Thought Technology's FREE Webinar Series...Continues
In an effort to continue bring you the highest standards of quality and support, Thought Technology would like to introduce its NEW Webinars series. This series will present a variety of how-to software training vignettes, demonstrate specific software features, and present the latest product offerings, etc. All for FREE! Please see the following webinar schedule


AUG.17, 2016 JON BALE 13:30-14:30 EDT
Title: How to Successfully Apply EEG Electrodes for a Good Impedance
Description: A rite of passage in becoming an experienced neurofeedback provider is mastering the EEG electrode application. Correct application techniques, ideal conductive paste quantities, and the use of a little bit of force with the abrasive gel are all elements of a well-executed routine for client preparation. Without a proper application method, it is impossible to achieve the low impedance required for accurate EEG monitoring.

Join this 1-hour webinar where Jon Bale, the former research manager of the Biofeedback Federation of Europe and the newest addition to the Thought Technology family, will discuss tips and tricks for effortlessly achieving that good impedance. Whether you are a health practitioner new to the EEG application process, or if you still occasionally experience issues achieving the low impedance value on your first attempt, this presentation will help you to achieve EEG electrode mastery. To register, please click EEG ELECTRODES

SEPT. 13, 2016 STEVEN ACOCA 13:30-14:30 EDT
Title: Introduction to the Slow Cortical Potentials Suite
Description: Slow Cortical Potentials are an inescapably strong, scientifically-based1,2, alternative to traditional neurofeedback. Based on pioneering neurofeedback research from Germany1,2, the SCP Suite combines decades of clinical experience into one simple package & brings all the benefits of SCP training to your clinical practice.

This introductory SCP Suite webinar will cover many of the Suite's features, including:

  • Fully automated, pre-programmed scripts for an easy-to-use training plan
  • Peer-reviewed protocols
  • Detailed excel reports for each training session
  • Reliable, research-grade SCP measurements

Join Steven Acoca, PhD for this special 1-hour webinar & discover Thought Technology's newest addition to its neurofeedback offerings. A special Q&A segment will also be available to answer all of your questions. Thought Technology extends this special invitation to discover this exciting new realm in neurofeedback training. To register, please click SCP

Strehl U et al. Self-regulation of slow cortical potentials: a new treatment for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Pediatrics. 2006; 118(5):e1530-40.

Strehl U. Slow Cortical Potentials Neurofeedback. Journal of Neurotherapy. 2009; 13:117-126.

Oct.26, 2016 LUCAS BORGO 13:30-14:30 EDT
Title: Surface EMG Systems for your Clinic
Description: Traditional rehabilitation programs can be enhanced with the integration of surface electromyography. Using sEMG biofeedback in rehabilitation can increase muscle control, regain full muscle functionality, and decrease time to full recovery.

Lucas Borgo presents a 1 hour in-depth look at Thought Technology's EMG product offerings. Join him as he breaks down the capabilities of a research-grade EMG system, how they can be integrated into your clinic, and how they can enhance your clients' successes. To register, please click EMG