Official launch of the eVu-TPS Sensor

As of December the 12th 2016 ,Thought Technology announces the launch of the eVu-TPS Sensor: The Wireless Triple-Physiology Sensor for Smartphones and Tablets

TPS Wireless Sensor with Smartphone running the eVu-Senz App

Applied to a single finger, the eVu-TPS sensor is Thought Technology's new portable medical-grade tool that brings biosignal measurement out of the clinic and into your smartphone or tablet! The TPS allows a client to carry an objective aid for practicing their self-regulation skills wherever they may be.

  • Measures heart rate variability (HRV), skin conductance and skin temperature
  • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth
  • Training success automatically tailored to the user's skill level
  • Integrated real-time movement artifact detection
  • Data saved for review
  • Reports sent to the clinician via email to gauge compliance

To Learn More, visit the eVu-TPS Site or the product page.