Focus on Gold: Rio 2016 in Retrospect
On Friday September 30th, while attending the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) conference at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa in Phoenix Arizona

, Thought Technology hosted a free seminar. The Focus on Gold 2016 seminar, part of Thought Technology’s peak performance seminar series, showcased a strong group of expert professionals and included theoretical presentations, testimonials, interactive discussions and a live demo of analysis and training with Canadian Olympic Snowboarder and multiple World Cup winner Caroline Calvé.

The lineup of experts included psychophysiology pioneers Vietta ‘Sue’ Wilson PhD and Len Zaichkowski PhD, AASP 2016 Coleman Griffith Keynote lecturer Gershon Tenenbaum PhD, Special consultant to the COC Penny Werthner PhD, Marc Strickland PsyD of the Oakland A’s and Lindsay Thornton EdD from the USOC.

Attendees were treated to accounts of real athlete intervention in preparation for and during the Rio Olympic Games, as well as anecdotes from Major League Baseball, other major sports and Olympics past. The experts also congregated on a panel for a 40 min Q&A which was covered a broad range of topics. Finally, Drs Wilson and Thornton assessed Caroline’s physiology at rest and under stress and described the techniques that helped her be part of 2 Olympic Games and become a world cup winning athlete.

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