Clinical Brainwave Biofeedback...Simplified!

Thought Technology Releases Slow Cortical Potentials Suite for SCP Neurofeedback Training

Thought Technology's new Slow Cortical Potential (SCP) Suite offers a simple and accurate solution for clinicians who want to do specialised brainwave biofeedback using slow cortical potentials.

Thought Technology Ltd. has just released a new software suite, compatible with its BioGraph Infiniti product line, that provides clinicians with the option of offering neurofeedback trainingSCP_SCreenshot4-300x178 using slow cortical potentials.

Training SCPs promotes the voluntary control of cortical activation. Cortical activation is related to an increase of physiological resource allocation and favors such processes as attention and cognitive function. Cortical inhibition, on the other hand, is linked to the reduction of cortical excitation, leading to a calming of mental processes.

The typical frequency range used in neurofeedback is 1-40 Hertz, while SCP training focuses on brainwaves that are slower than 1 Hertz. Reliably extracting slow cortical potentials from raw EEG is a complex science. Each event triggered SCP must be measured with millisecond accuracy and properly controlled for artifacts. Using state-of-the-art technology, the suite ensures that recorded SCP's are of the highest quality.

SCP_SCreenshot2-300x178Thought Technology's Slow Cortical Potentials Suite is based on the pioneering work of Dr. Ute Strehl & Dr. Niels Birbaumer (University of Tübingen , Germany). It includes a fully automated program and offers pre-packaged protocols for each of the three phases of training recommended by Dr. Strehl. A detailed report is created for each session of the program and can be provided to the client to track their progress. It provides research grade accuracy in an affordable and easy-to-use system.

The Slow Cortical Potentials suite is the latest in Thought Technology's line of specialized biofeedback solutions that include Stress Control, Heart Rate Variability, Peak Performance and Rehab.