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Heart Rate Variability


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BioGraph Infiniti Software is the core of all our Biofeedback and Psychophysiology products. It provides a multimedia rich graphical experience, while capturing and analyzing raw data. It also includes all the features and functions required to run our specialized application Suites.

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Application Suites

An application suite is a grouping of screens, computations and protocols designed for a particular application. Each one takes full advantage of the latest functions and features of our powerful multimedia biofeedback software, like streaming movies from online sources (like YouTube) or directly from your computer, and providing complete control over your entire clinical process, from assessment, to training, to reporting and demonstrating outcome. An applications suite is also created to make the most of the encoder for which it was designed.

  • The 360 Suite provides a collection of baseline, assessment, resonant frequency training, and reporting tools for evaluating and improving breathing and heart rate variability. The multi-modal design of this suite allows for the use of your choice of heart rate and heart rate variability sensors: EKG and/or blood volume pulse (BVP), as well as a respiration belt. Additional modalities can also be combined to increase clinical effectiveness: electromyography (EMG), skin conductance, finger temperature, brainwaves, and/or forehead temperature.

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  • The HRV Suite is a powerful method for exercising your client’s cardiovascular system. Teaching your clients to practice slow regular breathing exercises as often as possible, 10 to 20 minutes a day, will help them learn important self-regulation skills and maintain higher levels of heart rate variability. This suite is designed to allow any health practitioner new to HRV to focus on the four core sessions types: general HRV evaluation, resonant frequency determination, breathing with HRV training, and paced breathing relaxation.

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Off-Line Analysis
  • CardioPro Infiniti is a specialized off-line analysis module which brings advanced heart rate variability (HRV) analysis capabilities to the BioGraph Infiniti platform. It complements any physiological biofeedback suite (such as the Physiology suite) by providing sophisticated data analysis methods that were only previously available in very specialized software packages such as Thought Technology’s CardioPro software.

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