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Basics of Heart Rate Variability

Basics of Heart Rate Variability

Dr. Richard Girvertz

HRV Training and its Importance
Richard Gevirtz, Ph.D.,
Pioneer in HRV Research & Training

California University, Fullerton

California, Univ - Fullerton
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Heart Rate Variability


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Thought Technology’s heart rate variability solutions cover a broad span of clinical and research interests.

The HRV Starter system offers a set of entry-level tools for assessing, reporting on and doing biofeedback with, standard HRV metrics. The HRV Intermediate System adds the capacity to monitor peripheral physiological measures with respiration and heart rate. The HRV Expert System adds a powerful software tool for analysing HRV data following the published standard methods. Whatever your HRV needs are, we have a solution for you! .

  • HRV: Heart rate variability training screens monitor respiration and heart rate, using a blood volume pulse (BVP) or an EKG sensor, and are useful for respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) training or to expand the adaptive range of the cardiovascular system (by increasing variability).
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