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Basics of Surface Electromyography

Basics of Surface Electromyography


General Biofeedback


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Whether you are a psychologist, a physiotherapist, a nurse practitioner or a medical doctor, our powerful and easy to use physiological monitoring and biofeedback systems will meet your needs for quality, flexibility and reliability.

For over 30 years, expert clinicians of many specialisations have used classical biofeedback and modern neurofeedback protocols to help clients learn self-regulation to control stress, improve focus or reshape musculoskeletal function.

Our technology combines advanced electronic data acquisition devices, highly sensitive physiological sensors and sophisticated multimedia software to provide you with the best clinical tools possible. Whatever your needs are, we can provide you with a system that you will love and appreciate for years to come.

To get started, you can:

General Biofeedback Solution enables you to do the following types of biofeedback:
  • Surface EMG: 1 or 2 channels of electromyography, for learning relaxation and stress control, helping teach awareness of head, neck and low back muscle tension, or training voluntary relaxation of specific muscle groups.
  • Skin Conductance: help develop an awareness of learned stress responses and teach basic self-regulation skills.
  • Temperature: train for increasing peripheral temperature and controlling unconscious stress responses.
  • Respiration: monitoring breathing via an abdominal or thoracic respiration belt placement. A variety of training screens teach the ultimate goal of slow deep abdominal breathing to encourage relaxation, lower heart rate and enhance heart rate variability. Multi-modality and Physiological profiling: the use of multiple sensors provides a complete
  • HRV: Heart rate variability training screens monitor respiration and heart rate, using a blood volume pulse (BVP) or an EKG sensor, and are useful for respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) training or to expand the adaptive range of the cardiovascular system (by increasing variability).
  • Multi-modality and Physiological profiling (need ProComp Infiniti encoder and multiple sensors).
  • Assessment Scripts for Stress Assessment, and Pre- or Post-Training Baseline Assessment: evaluate and report on psychophysiological responses to stress, recovery, and general baseline..

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