Thought Technology Partners with Piiva, a Leading Sports Mental Training Company, to Enhance Their Program with Biofeedback

Thought Technology lends its expertise in biofeedback-based solutions for healthcare and peak performance to Piiva, a leading sports mental performance company.


Thought Technology, a leader in the field of psychophysiological monitoring equipment for over 45 years, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Piiva that will see Thought Tech’s GSR2 biofeedback device included as part of Piiva’s flagship program, Piiva Elite. The program, which utilizes the best in mental performance techniques including meditation, breathwork and biofeedback, has seen tremendous success in helping athletes increase their overall performance.

Piiva’s mind performance training program gives athletes and teams a proven program to achieve heightened levels of performance. With access to over 80+ mind training exercises, the focus is placed upon athlete as whole persons to amplify their performance and attain a healthy winning mindset.

The use of the GSR2™ allows users to monitor their stress levels, by translating tiny tension-related changes in skin pores due to stress, into a rising or falling tone. Understanding how one’s body reacts to stress is the first step in learning how to control the stress response and enter a state of inner calm.

Thought Technology has extensive experience in the peak performance market with their products being used by elite & Olympic athletes and sports teams around the world. “Without a doubt, this is an area that has always been very close to our heart, and we are elated to have our product included as part of such a well-designed training program as Piiva Elite,” said Helen Mavros, Sales and Marketing Director at Thought Technology.

"We are thrilled to have been in the market for one-year now, and to see the positive impact Piiva Elite has had on so many athletes," said Robert Hartt, CEO of Piiva. "Our goal is to empower athletes to reach their highest levels of play. Working with Thought Technology to bring the best in biofeedback allows players to more quickly tap into more of their overall potential.”

About Piiva

Piiva is a sports mental performance company that helps athletes increase their overall performance. Our core program is called Piiva Elite and is used by athletes across sports with clients including Tennis Canada, University of Pittsburgh and University of Alberta. Piiva uses the best in mental performance techniques including meditation, visualization and biofeedback to help athletes and teams reach their highest levels of play.