Thought Technology Ltd. Featured on Krush Performance Podcast Series Highlighting the Role of the Brain in Peak Performance Training

In an ongoing series called "The Krush Brain Game", Jeff Krushell talks with leading experts and industry insiders about the role of the brain in human performance and the methods and technologies that are being used with professional and elite athletes.

Podcaster and performance consultant, Jeff Krushell, has just released the fourth episode in his podcast series “The Krush Brain Game” in which he explores the brain body connection as it relates to optimal performance.

His belief is that, “We have come a long way in our understanding of human performance but when we look to the future, we feel, it will be new technologies and our understanding of the brain that will push human performance to new heights.”

In the latest installment of the podcast, Jeff sits down with Lucas Borgo, Product Manager at Thought Technology Ltd. who is also a key figure in the development of new apps and software. The company’s products have been used by Olympic and professional athletes and other high performers for decades. According to Lucas, “The use of physiological monitoring equipment can be a real game changer for both the athlete and the trainer. When you are able to see your body’s physiological reaction to stress, you can more easily learn to control this reaction and be confident that the techniques you are using are having the desired effect.”

Included in this ongoing series, are interviews with several influential people from the biofeedback field including: Lawrence Klein, VP and Founder of Thought Technology, Ltd.; Dr. Erik Peper, psychologist, author and president of the Biofeedback Federation of Europe; Dr. Inna Khazan who combines the use of biofeedback and mindfulness; and Dr. Leah Lagos whose focus is on HRV training for athletes and peak performers.

Click here to listen to Jeff Krushell’s interview with Luke Borgo

About Jeff Krushell

Jeff Krushell is the founder of Krush Performance and an Athlete Development Specialist & Organizational Performance Consultant. He is regarded as a noted expert in the area of talent development in sport and through his work has gained unique insights into the process of improving performance.
Over the last 25 years Jeff has worked in the world of high-performance sport helping athletes tap into their potential to truly understand what it is like to achieve Human Maximum Performance. Jeff currently consults for Major League Baseball International; CTV News, Edmonton; Vauxhall Baseball Academy; Link Management and has previously worked as the strength and conditioning coach for both the Toronto Blue Jays and Edmonton Eskimos.