Thought Technology Ltd. Enters Partnership Agreement with TRUCHIRO to Offer Solutions for Neurologically Based Chiropractic (NBC)

Thought Technology is pleased to partner with TRUCHIRO who will take over distribution of the NeuroInfiniti physiological assessment and training system to the chiropractic market.


For many years, leading biofeedback instrument manufacturer Thought Technology Ltd. has provided biofeedback-based solutions for chiropractors who focus on neurologically based chiropractic (NBC), a method developed by Dr. Richard Barwell, with whom they collaborated to create NeuroInfiniti.

The specialized software, combined with clinical grade instrumentation, allows chiropractors to assess their patients’ autonomic nervous system functioning by measuring EEG, hand temperature, skin conductance (GSR), sEMG, respiration and heart rate variability. The system provides a report that shows patients how their nervous system is functioning, how it responds to stress, how it recovers from stress, and most importantly, how it responds to care. With this data and subsequent training, the patient can learn to control their physiological processes for better health.

The product line has recently been taken over by TRUCHIRO, co-founded by Dr. Clint Steele, DC, CSCS, who after 17 years in private practice primarily treating neck and low back pain "retired" as he knew chiropractic was about so much more but could not figure out how to get his patients to understand this and stay for more. Inspired by a colleague who was helping his patients improve and even alleviate a number of health conditions like anxiety, depression, sleep issues, gastrointestinal and fertility issues, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure and more, his new mission was to return to chiropractic that focused on allowing the nervous system to function at its optimal level through what he refers to as TRUCHIROPRACTIC. His practice now focuses on neurologically based chiropractic and his company TRUCHIRO offers training to help chiropractors move from pain to the brain and helps the public locate chiropractors who focus on the brain and nervous system.

Asked about his latest venture taking over the NeuroInfiniti line, Dr. Steele replied, “Helping chiropractors reach more people and save more lives through chiropractic has become a full-time passion and so when Dr. Barwell approached me about taking over the NeuroInfiniti line it was really a no brainer. To be able to include this amazing instrumentation to help docs with the programs and services we already offer just made sense. All of us at TRUCHIRO are so grateful to Dr. Barwell for the trail he has paved, for his dedication to helping others and for the opportunity he has given us to take it to the next level. His trust in us to continue to carry the torch motivates us to help more and more doctors each day.”

Thought Technology Sales and Marketing Director, Helen Mavros said, “We are pleased to see that the work we began with Dr. Barwell will continue. We look forward to working with TRUCHIRO and Dr. Steele to expand the use of biofeedback among chiropractors. His knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm make him the ideal partner in this endeavor.”


TRUCHIRO was founded by Dr. Clint Steele and his wife Tina Steele in 2018. Originally founded to help educate the public about the TRUTH of chiropractic being about the brain and nervous system, the mission quickly evolved as chiropractors started reaching out asking for help. Dr. Clint and Tina took a prior practice, seeing only about 130 a week, 95% insurance based, 97% pain relief with a PVA of only 12 and transformed it into a practice that is now 100% cash, at its peak seeing over 500 a week, a PVA of over 150 and seeing everything from depression and cancer to anxiety and Crohn's disease. Dr. Clint and Tina now have a team of experts in various areas to help chiropractors transform their own practices utilizing their programs and services, from pain to brain, and make more of an impact in their communities through the TRUTH of chiropractic.