Thought Technology Ltd. Enters Co-Marketing Agreement with NeuroTracker

Thought Technology is pleased to partner with NeuroTracker to increase awareness of their NeuroTracker cognitive training system in the biofeedback market while establishing a new user base for their instrumentation.


For over 45 years, Thought Technology Ltd. has provided biofeedback-based solutions to support practitioners in different areas of healthcare and optimal performance training. Always on the lookout for new markets for their products, they just entered a co-marketing agreement with NeuroTracker, makers of the NeuroTracker cognitive training system.

The NeuroTracker is a patented system developed out of decades of research at the Faubert Lab (University of Montreal) led by Professor Jocelyn Faubert, one of the world’s most preeminent neuroscientists in the field of visual perception. It uses 3D multiple object tracking to train cognitive functions in a way that is representative of how the brain processes information in everyday life. Training with NeuroTracker enhances situational awareness, attention, executive function, and cognitive stamina, which helps people of all ages increase brain performance.

Thought Technology’s instrumentation can assess both central and peripheral nervous system functioning, by measuring EEG, hand temperature, skin conductance (GSR), sEMG, respiration, BVP, EKG, and HRV (heart rate variability). They provide a window into how these processes are functioning, in real-time. This information is used to help clients observe and learn to control their body’s reactions to stress, for performance enhancement and better health.

Thought Technology Sales and Marketing Director, Helen Mavros said, “There is a great synergy between our line of psychophysiological assessment and training instruments and the NeuroTracker cognitive training system. We look forward to working with NeuroTracker to educate our customers on adding a cognitive training component to their practice and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits our systems can provide to NeuroTracker users.”

About NeuroTracker

NeuroTracker is a neurotech company owned by Nothing Artificial, specialized in assessing and enhancing cognitive functions for human performance and wellness. The NeuroTracker technology was developed out of decades of research by world-leading perceptual-cognitive neuroscientist Professor Jocelyn Faubert, at the Faubert Lab (University of Montreal). Initially adopted across elite sports and military groups, it is now used widely by clinicians in the neurovision and rehabilitation markets. Over the last 11 years 40+ peer reviewed studies have been published demonstrating its efficacy across many different populations. As member of Digital Therapeutics Alliance, NeuroTracker won emerging neurotech partnership competitions with the US Airforce and Bayer, and is established as the most widely validated cognitive training technology on the market.