Thought Technology Ltd. Announces Distribution Agreement with Zukor Interactive

Leading biofeedback instrument manufacturer Thought Technology Ltd. has just partnered with game development company Zukor Interactive to offer feedback games to their retail and B2B channels in both local and international markets.

Zukor Interactive’s games have been developed expressly for use as a biofeedback/neurofeedback training tool. Whereas typical training provides feedback with bar graphs, line graphs, basic animations and/or videos. Zukor Interactive’s games enhance training by replacing the basic feedback animations with an enhanced gaming experience. Changes in the subject's physiology or brainwaves dictate the pace and progress of the game, the number of points scored, and which special effects are activated.

Thought Technology Sales and Marketing Director, Helen Mavros, said “We are excited to be able to offer these products directly to our customers. The array of available feedback options will allow clinicians greater flexibility in tailoring training sessions to each clients’ needs.”

A variety of games are available - each tailored to different interests. Zukor’s Grind focuses on skateboarding while Zukor’s Air is a flying themed game. Other games that provide several feedback themes include Zukor’s Carnival, with ten classic games inspired by carnivals, state fairs and amusement parks and Zukor’s Sports 1 which allows the user to select a client’s sport of choice for feedback. Their latest game, Drive, is their most advanced game yet and features an upgrade specifically for peak performance training.

About Zukor Interactive

Zukor Interactive designs and builds innovative games, interactive software and specialized content for computers, mobile devices, videogame consoles and the Web. Zukor Interactive was founded in July 2010 by Samuel Turcotte, who brings his extensive experience in digital-media computer technology and filmmaking together to develop cutting-edge products for specialized fields, including healthcare, education, business, military and science, in order to further human progress and help make the world a better place.