In memory of Lawrence Klein

It is with heavy hearts and utmost sorrow that Thought Tech announces the sad demise of co-founder, Lawrence Klein on Saturday July the 10th 2021 from Covid-19 complications. Lawrence was a visionary leader who brought his passion, love and dedication to Thought Tech and the field of Biofeedback and Sports Science. Although Lawrence’s life ended before we were ready, the time that he spent with employees, clients, distributors and many more stakeholders was memorable and full of passion.

We want to honor his love of biofeedback and the impact he made to so many lives in the field with a memorial, where all emotions are welcomed and encouraged.

Please feel free to share your favorite memory of Lawrence by filling out the form below. Your message will be added to Larry's memorial page. It will bring much comfort to the staff and family members he leaves behind.


Larry was a very nice and pleasant man. I enjoyed every meeting we had together. He was always very enthusiastic. My sympathy to family and friends.

Richard Matte

Although we did not meet Lawrence Klein, we feel that his legacy is present in Thought Technology in all his valuable staff and the sense of mission and institutional vision. We admire the vocation of service of the company and the treatment of its clients. Special people like Lawrence leave indelible marks. We join in solidarity with the Thought Technology community.

Ramon Hilario Seiffe Sencione

Blessed to share the journey of Biofeedback with Larry since the early 80's, as well as a friendship. I've climbed the Great Wall of China with Larry during one of my training workshops and shared the vision of the "Mind Room" with him. He led with his enthusiasm and it was infectious. On a visit to LA for the APA we were walking along the beach with others. It was high tide and walking on the rocks was difficult. Larry and i decided we would swim back to where we started. We swam out, but kept seeing rocks below, because the water was clear. By the time we turned to go down the coast, I looked back to shore and we were about 1/4 mile out. I was freaking out, but Larry was just pushing on, way ahead of me. As i began hearing the theme from the movie Jaws, in my mind, as my legs dangled below, I was thinking, "Why did i follow Larry". He WAS a daredevil.

Stephen I Sideroff

It was a pleasure assisting Lawrence with his travel arrangements for over 25 years. He was always a perfect gentleman and just a great person to get along with. My staff always remarked as to how kind he was in their dealings with him and always appreciative of the efforts we put in to help him succeed in his business. He will be missed by all. Our sincerest sympathies to his family and his extended family at Thought Technology.

Leo Faustini

O behalf of myself and the members of SEBINE (Spanish Society for Bio and Neurofeedback) all our love and respect for Lawrence and his family. We will never forget him.

Javier Elcarte

I first got to really know Larry and Hal at a Biofeedback Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when were sharing drinks and good cheer in an outdoors hot tub. He was so full of warmth and humor that it was impossible to not feel like we had known each other forever. At biofeedback conferences after that, he always greeted me with an embracing hug and a bright smile. He was so positive and likeable, he brightened a room.

Terry Oleson

Ach! This is such saddening news! I met Larry a couple of times, and under the most exciting and joyful of circumstances. It was surrounding my involvement in neurofeedback orientation with Drs. Lynda and Michael Thompson. My BEST memory of Larry is riding the waves with him and Michael in a motorboat on Stony Lake. I remember Larry having such positivity and enthusiasm in his work, about neurofeedback technology, and in his interaction with others. I am so grateful to have known Larry Klein. May he rest in peace.

Darryl Edwards

Though I originally connected with Larry through biofeedback, over 40 years ago, my best memories are of skiing with him, how he helped me take my skiing to the next level in Colorado and Quebec. Larry was also really into writing poetry. Here's a link to his learjet website.


A few days before Larry passed away he suddenly popped up in my mind: sweet memories of the wonderful times we had together at the BFE conferences. Coincidence or not? I enjoyed working with him in the BFE, sharing the same ambition to get bio- and neurofeedback known in Europe. So many memories, linked to so many conferences we were present at, since 1996. Last time we met was in Cardiff in 2019. As usual Larry was full of jokes and enjoying himself. I cherish that memory in me heart: his big smile and heartwarming hug!

Daniëlle Matto

I met Larry, Dr. Hal and the Thought Tech group through Bernie Silcoff back in 2002. I only have beautiful memories of Larry. He was free-spirited, passsionate, kind and sincere. He would get so excited when he spoke of his work, his family, his travels aborad and of couse, skiing. One could not help but feel good being around him. He embodied the best qualities in a human being. We kept in touch up until when he fell ill and I will miss his calls to talk about a new idea he had. It was a privilege to know him and he will be dearly missed.

Dimitra Christeas

Larry introduced me to the field of biofeedback nearly 25 years ago. Over this long time we had a special relationship of sales and education in this field. His insight and good business relationship and friendly contact will be missed. Axel Kroitzsch HealthMed Distributors Inc.

axel kroitzsch

Conheci Lawrence ainda nos tempos do fax, meio pelo qual trocamos nossas primeiras conversas onde ele, com o entusiasmo que lhe era peculiar me mostrou o Biofeedback em todas as suas formas o que me levou a me dedicar a esse campo sempre com seu incentivo e colaboração. Tornei-me um entusiasta da área e a ela me dedico até os dias de hoje. Veio ao Brasil e fizemos turismo por Brasilia e ele ajudou na organização e apresentação do primeiro curso Brasileiro de Biofeedbak. I met Lawrence still in the fax times, through which we exchanged our first conversations where he, with the enthusiasm that was peculiar to him, showed me Biofeedback in all its forms, which led me to dedicate myself to this field always with his encouragement and collaboration . I became an enthusiast in the area and I am dedicated to it until today. He came to Brazil and we toured Brasilia and he helped organize and present the first Brazilian course on Biofeedbak.

Ivo Oscar Donner

I'm so sorry to hear of Lawrence's passing. I did not know him personally but am thankful for the his and Hal's vision and determination in founding and developing Thought Technology here in Canada. My condolences go to his family, friends, and colleagues. Dr. Chris Friesen, Ph.D., C.Psych., BCB, BCN, BCB-HRV Director Niagara Neuropsychology & Friesen Sport & Performance Psychology

Dr. Chris Friesen Ph.D., C.Psych,

RIP Larry I know you have now a new place in the universe. May God recieve you in his hearth.

Ivo Oscar Donner

A bright spirit and courageous champion of finding new ways to inspire and help people through his devoted work life. Great blessings on the next phase of your adventure dear Larry! with much Heart, craig


Would miss such a lively person

Vinay V

We(Bioland) are deeply saddened to hear that Lawrence Klein passed away on July 10, 2021. I met Larry when I started working at Bioland, and he and Peper came to Taiwan to hold a seminar 3 times. I still remember the experience of climbing mountains and traveling Taiwan together. I still remember his smile, amiable, and helping us promotion biofeedback in Taiwan. I will miss Larry's enthusiasm, his kindness and his wonderful smile.


My condolences to all close to Larry. What a great person and giant pioneer of our beloved field of clinical biofeedback. A great loss. I wish that I had more time with him.

Bill Barton,PH.D.

A friend for more than 40 years wo so generously gaveme unconditional support and to my students. We often shared rooms at meetings and more than 20 years ago at one of those meeting we talked and talked. The result was the creating of the BFE. I miss his spirit and optimism and ongoing drive to create psychophysiology for peak performance. Erik

Erik Peper

I will remember him as a real MANTCHE and a good friend.

Dr Yigal Gliksman

Dear TTL Team, As a former employee, I'm saddened to hear of the passing of Larry. While I did not have a chance to work with Larry directly during my time at TT, my memory as a fresh graduate, as someone who was just finished up my summer internship in 2006 walking out of the Belgrave office in need of a full-time job. I walked past Larry sulking and distraught. He asked me at the TTL door, how I was doing? I vented, and was upset with myself. He looked at me with immediate understanding, he said he would have a talk. He could not promise but would see what can be done. I don't know what actually happened but I did spend 7 years at TTL, and am grateful for his presence and leadership. Jee

Jee Quach

From my first meeting with Larry, I was struck by his incredible energy, enthusiasm, passion and committment to providing new pathways towards health. That never changed. Over the years, I came to admire and respect Larry even more as he was the best ambassador for applied psychophysiology that I ever met. I hope that in some way, I can continue to provide a bit of the spark to others that he helped ignite in me. He is greatly missed.

Vince Monastra

My condolences for the family, friends and colleagues of Larry. I wish his wife and children a lot of support while they have to deal with their loss and sorrow. I met Larry on several BFE meetings and liked the person he was. I have nice memories to dinners with Larry and other attendants, the walking tours through the host city of the congress and the stories Larry told us.

Annette Booiman

I was always taken by Larry's determination and resilience. It rubbed off on those who met him. Among his pursuits, he had become a champion of individuals who suffered from epilepsy in recent years. With dogged determination, he continued to urge leaders in the epilepsy community to take notice of neurofeedback as a powerful intervention. He was sincere in his desire to bring relief to those who endured seizures. I so admired his tenacity. I was so glad to have had the opportunity to know him and my condolences go out to his family and friends. Our community of psychophysiology professionals has lost a driving force and he will be sorely missed here too.

Linda Walker

You left us much to early Larry. The two of us had a unique common interest and that was making biofeedback and integral part of sport science and improving athlete performance. As co-founder of Thought Technology you worked hard at developing the best technology on the planet and went out of your way to support clinicians and scientists like me. You and your colleagues at Thought Technology had a significant impact on the field and for that I am most grateful. I will never forget meeting you at venues all over the world as we collectively introduced athletes and sport scientists to biofeedback.

Leonard Zaichkowsky

Thanks for your friendship and all memories in Medica. Thanks to you the Mexican market was develop. Muchas gracias, un fuerte abrazo y todo mi cariño!!!

Karl Lammers

Such a kind and caring person. Greatly respected by his colleagues. Thankful for his company's work; beyond grateful for the P2 and the impact it made on my daughter's life. Very sad. Much love to his family.

Alexandra Harvison

Your 'famous' jokes at least to me and your smile even when there were problems will be missed. 25 years ago, you taught me a new application of a stethoscope when you told me that EMG is the stethoscope of the muscles. Well, I bought 2 stethoscopes and still cannot get an EMG signal.

David Pinchefsky

I am still in shock and in disbelief. Larry was very dear to me. He was a true Mensch and not only a brilliant entrepreneur, but a deep, thoughtful and accomplished poet. This is all apart from him being a loving husband and father. My heart goes out to Larry's immediate family. His pride and joy. May you find strength, solace and courage amongst each other and amongst your dearest friends. Larry's spirit and his spark for Life live on. He will be sorely missed. Below is a brief poem that Larry sent to me on May 25th, when he felt confident he would rebound, and when we shared a flurry of LinkedIn messages back-and-forth, and even a phone conversation... Larry wrote: A short Poem I wrote for an Optimism Blog owner in Australia... OPTIMISM, Is a Prism Creates a Rainbow from your thoughts, you Reap what you Sow!“ That was Larry. ❤️

Jonathan Levey

From his customer, to his colleague, for more than 25 years he was generous with his spirit. His many tangible and intangible contributions resonated through his tireless drive. This was his trademark. He will be missed.

Todd S

I was heartbroken by this sad news. Very unfortunate news, we will not forget Larry's anecdotes and poems We will never forget،We will not forget the beautiful things he used to bring to the company..we were always in his heart and thinking، As we have always been in your heart... you will always be in our hearts.... God bless you


I've been meaning to write a note to you about Larry but must admit I've been at a loss for words. Having had a very severe case of COVID myself, Larry's loss is intertwining with my own fears, fragility and displaced gratitude --Not the least of which is the great querry of why one person survives and not another. ... Unlike with Stu and Michael (where I can find words) Larry's loss has become personalized due to the COVID connection ... For years I only knew Larry as the really nice guy flying around AAPB, ISNR and BFE in great ties, and expensive suits --always seemingly one size too large ;) Over time I got to know him better as a person; champion of all our work in the bio/neuro field (beyond what he and you created together in TT), and pivotal benefactor of dissemination of knowledge through his/TT's foundational (and continued) support of BFE. I will also be forever grateful for his whimsical emails, his latest poems, and early support of my work on i-technology (my two books etc.) as completely separate of my father's. I don't know his family and was 'unready' to write to the neuro/bio community on the AAPB listserve at the time of his passing. As his friend and partner crossing decades of adventure, you seem now very much like the right fellow to whom to send a memory and gratitude for having had the pleasure of knowing Larry. He will be/is surely missed.

Dr. Mari Swingle

A very sad day indeed and my thoughts go out to Larry's family with my heartfelt condolences for your loss. I have vivid memories meeting him at MEDICA in my first years in 97/98 learning everything about the history of this show all the way back to its Hannover days. Forward a few years, to the very early 2000’s, when Thought Technology celebrated its 25th anniversary at the show…. Well, once I have my first glass of wine again after the pandemic, there will be a very special red one for him, as we shared one or the other of those over the many years. He will be thoroughly missed!

Stefan Egge

I am just coming to know now about it and I am extremely sad !!!!. I knew Larry in 1992, when he decided to give my company the distribution for Italy. It was a very good relationship, full of mutual trust. I also met him in Hong Kong later, when I moved there. I am really so sad Larry.

Øystein A. larsen

My condolences to Family, colleagues and the many many friends. We had many funny episodes around Europe and Israel. Always easy to smile and laugh near Larry. We were geographically distant from each other, but he often still felt very close. I will long miss the good humor, the poetic stunts, cheerful comments and his professional competence - Have a great sailing my friend on new waters :)

Michael Batakis

I have the opportunity to talk with Lawrence about business. I meet Larry at Rome during a conference and after some years did contact me to discuss the possibility offering CBT crash courses using my platform. Larry was a leader who had the ability to foreseen the feature while at the same time was full of passion and enthusiasm and knowledge about it. He was always supportive to his co-workers and ask always their opinion as should do an democratic leader even though he was aware of the insecurities that characterises the human nature... It was a shock receiving a memorial letter for him from Though Technology. My sincerest sympathies to his family and friends and coworkers at Thought Technology.

Mr. Andrea Machhi

Larry was a pioneer, who not only had the vision to pave the road towards excellence in biofeedback, having changed and continuing to change the world; but someone who was a natural leader, inspiring others through his enthusiasm, wisdom and commendable achievements. You will be missed Larry.

Paulo Oppermann

I met Lawrence on a number of occasions in locations in Europe and the United States. He was always very open to helping where he could by answering questions and communicate in a very positive and friendly manner. He could laugh and still remained focused on what mattered and was an inspiration to me to embrace Thought Technology as my main platform for my work in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback. So sorry he's gone. Thomas G. Browne, Ph. D.

Thomas G Browne Ph. D.

I met Larry several times at MEDICA trade fair here in Duesseldorf where we enjoyed great conversations together with a glass of good wine. The Canadian Pavilion won't be the same again without him. My thoughts are with his family and friends!

Silke Ditgen

Hi there in heaven Mr. Lawrence Klein. We (TTL family, one of your best employees (Helen), as well as your humble/nice human being co-owner of TTL (Hal)) have missed you.

Higino A. Inawat Jr.

So sorry to hear that Mr. Klein has passed away. I came upon this page after coming upon my old GBRF (now a GSR2?) after many years. I used to work for a Tech company in Montreal and we helped to make the circuit boards for the device. I vaguely remember visiting Thought Technology back in the mid 1980s, but I am unsure if I met Mr. Klein at the time. It was an interesting time for biofeedback and I have been interested in it since then. My condolences to his family and friends.

Kevin Ross