Important Notice regarding Adobe Flash Player

Dear Customer,

Following the End of Life of Adobe Flash Player you will find that flash videos in BioGraph Infiniti suites are no longer functional. This means any feedback flash video used, regardless of how large or small, is disabled.

In the coming days we will be announcing a software patch (per suite) that you will be able to download in which the flash videos are converted to AVI. These will be released in a suite priority sequence. Eventually all the suites will be updated and released with a new version.

For our clients making use of BioGraph for feedback sessions, we recommend moving from feedback-with-flash-animations to the already existing feedback-with-stream-instrument screens. This can work for the 360 Suite, DeStress Solution, and Peak Performance Suite.

The patches will be posted on our website and software download page. A formal announcement will be made once available.

We want to assure you this is a temporary hold up as our team is actively working to release these patches and appreciate your patience during this exceptional case.

Thank you.