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Developer Tools

Physiology Suite LogoDeveloper Tools included at no charge with every Infiniti System purchase, Developer Tools provide powerful editing capabilities for you to create new channel sets, customized display screens and automated session scripts that can significantly expand your biofeedback and data-acquisition horizons! Developer tools often include features that are not yet available in an applications suite, so that developers can benefit from cutting edge functionality sooner.

Design from scratch or modify existing items, all using the same Developer Tools!

  • Channel Editor - Access the low-level power of BioGraph Infiniti’s computation engine. Create different sensor configurations, apply digital filters, complex computations, cutting edge algorithms, and much more.
  • Screen Editor -Design screens from scratch or modify existing screens. Benefit from the longest list of screen instruments on the market, including DVD feedback, Audio and Video, Flash Animations and may more advanced tools.
  • Script Editor - Design your own protocols to meet the needs of your applications. Use existing screens and computation sets to run repeatable, scripted sessions for data collection. Ideal for assessments and training!
Software Developer Kits
  • TTL Connection Server SDKPC
    Thought Technology has available the TTL Connection Server SDK. This SDK allows third-party applications to interface BioGraph Infiniti software (version 4.0 or later) and collect data via TCP/IP. This is the ideal choice for game designers.


  • Thought Technology also has available FREE Flash Animations for Developerscardio pro logo
    BioGraph version 5.0 or later now works with flash animations. You can easily add and use any flash animations as an additional option to AVI animation or DVD visual feedback. The Flash Animation instrument allows you to play Flash based animations just like an AVI file, and define all the usual feedback options, including play forward and backward as well as play frame by frame.

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