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BioGraph Infiniti Software is the core of all our Biofeedback and Psychophysiology products. It provides a multimedia rich graphical experience, while capturing and analyzing raw data. It also includes all the features and functions required to run our specialized application Suites.

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Application Suites

An application suite is a grouping of screens, computations and protocols designed for a particular application. Each one takes full advantage of the latest functions and features of our powerful multimedia biofeedback software, like streaming movies from online sources (like YouTube) or directly from your computer, and providing complete control over your entire clinical process, from assessment, to training, to reporting and demonstrating outcome. An applications suite is also created to make the most of the encoder for which it was designed.

  • The 360 Suite provides all tools for evaluating, training and reporting brain activity. The suite uses up-to-2 channel of EEG for measuring brainwaves and the pIR HEG for forehead temperature as an indication of frontal lobe activity. Standard EEG protocols are provided for Theta, Alpha, SMR, Low Beta, High Beta. Alpha peak frequency and coherence can also be trained, as well as any custom bandwidth frequency definitions. The suite was designed with clinical effectiveness in mind for ‘traditional’ neurofeedback, as well as leaving open the possibility of inclusion for other physiological modalities, such as heart rate, breathing, skin conductance, and finger temperature.

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  • The SCP - Slow Cortical Potentials SuiteSCP Logo is a software suite for clinicians wanting to add the benefits of Slow Cortical Potentials training into their practice. By combining the work of pioneering research & decades of clinical experience from renown clinicians in the field, into one simple package, the SCP Suite brings all of the benefits of SCP training to you.

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  • The Reaction Time Suite offers continuous performance testing (CPT) in parallel with physiological monitoring. The suite includes single, variable and choice CPT protocols, each available with audio, visual and mixed stimuli. Physiological data such as skin conductance, temperature, EKG (heart rate), respiration, and HRV analysis is time-locked to presentation events for maximum synchronization and analysis functionality. Physiology data can be reviewed for individual events of group averaged and categorized by event type. This allows comparison of physiological parameters between correct and incorrect responses, or errors of commission and errors of omission.

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  • The TT-pIR Mini-Suite is designed to accompany the TT-HEadGear device to offer the basic tools for passive infrared (pIR) monitoring and biofeedback. The suite includes all the tools you need to monitor, train and follow-up on your client’s success with frontal pIR training.

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  • The Z-Score Mini-SuiteZscore 6 Logo includes everything you need for two and four channel z-score assessment and training. Individual z-scores, metrics describing the overall state of a number of z-scores, as well as z-score with standard EEG band amplitudes in parallel. All this with the feedback features of BioGraph Infiniti including DVD playback, AVI Animations, and single and dual monitor displays. Take advantage of the full power of BioGraph Infiniti by using Quick Start favorites, which allow you to start a session, review, report and analyze statistics with the click of a single button or even a desktop icon!

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  • Z Score biofeedback Add-onZ-Score Add-On - This product adds the power of the Z-score Biofeedback Library to BioGraph Infiniti, allowing you to analyze normative data in real time. Obtain faster results when combining z-score biofeedback with BioGraph Infiniti, as the power of connectivity assessment and training is all available in one place. Fast, easy training with the same strategy every time: train towards norm. For use with EEG Suite, Z-Score Mini-Suite or Developer Tools.

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  • BioFunBioFun Logo - Captivating Games for Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Muscle Rehabilitation. BioFun Games make physiological training fun and challenging!

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Developer Tools

Developer ToolsDeveloper Tools included at no charge with every Infiniti System purchase, Developer Tools provide powerful editing capabilities for you to create new channel sets, customized display screens and automated session scripts that can significantly expand your biofeedback and data-acquisition horizons! Developer tools often include features that are not yet available in an applications suite, so that developers can benefit from cutting edge functionality sooner.

Design from scratch or modify existing items, all using the same Developer Tools!

  • Channel Editor - Access the low-level power of BioGraph Infiniti’s computation engine. Create different sensor configurations, apply digital filters, complex computations, cutting edge algorithms, and much more.
  • Screen Editor -Design screens from scratch or modify existing screens. Benefit from the longest list of screen instruments on the market, including DVD feedback, Audio and Video, Flash Animations and may more advanced tools.
  • Script Editor - Design your own protocols to meet the needs of your applications. Use existing screens and computation sets to run repeatable, scripted sessions for data collection. Ideal for assessments and training!
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