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MIND OVER MUSCLE - The Mental Gym was created by Major Nory Laderoute, former Director of Physical Education Training for the Canadian Armed Forces Combat Training Center and Lawrence Klein, Vice-President of Thought Technology Ltd. It teaches athletes relaxation and visualization to enhance sports performance, and is being used by thousands of Olympic athletes worldwide. Nine leading U.S. and Canadian Sports Psychologists, Olympic Coaches and World Class Athletes join Major Laderoute to reveal the mental secrets of Athletic Peak Performance, bringing these techniques to the weekend athlete.

Visualization training using biofeedback develops the most important "muscle" in your body: your brain! Here's how: remember that time when "everything came together" to give you the best day you ever had in your sport? Well you can feel that way every day, and feeling that leads to peak performance. Using the GSR 2™ biofeedback monitor, you learn to master stress through deep relaxation. Then, in the deeply relaxed state, you "visualize" your athletic performance using simple techniques which aid in the release of your natural athletic ability.

Mind Over Muscle is an integral part of the training program of thousands of Olympic and professional athletes worldwide. The program includes a 48 page work booklet, a DVD and the GSR 2™.

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