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$250.00 USD per person/per course

This online course is designed for users of Infiniti systems who have purchased the Z-Score Mini Suite or want to maximize the Z-Score potential of the EEG Suite. Its goal is to meet the training needs from clinicians, researchers and other health professionals who want to learn how to use the latest 2 and 4-channel Z-Score Biofeedback technology. This course will be focusing on defining the Z-Score and how it can be used in assessment and training. The online course is the equivalent of 4-hours Category A BICA recertification of instruction given over the internet. The four hours are divided into four 1.0-hour lessons given twice a week for two weeks. All courses are required to have a minimum of 2 and limited to a maximum of 3 participants to ensure individual attention. ( these may be random enrollments worldwide or from the same facility )


PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A MINIMUM ENROLLMENT OF TWO REGISTRANTS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO RUN A GIVEN COURSE.( these may be random enrollments worldwide or from the same facility )

All online courses are accredited by BCIA to fulfill the continuing education requirements for recertification.

This course is intended for licensed health professionals and participants are encouraged to seek BCIA accreditation if they are not already accredited. As this online course is a “hands-on” learning experience, you are required to use your equipment online including computer with software, encoder and sensors.

In order to register for this course, participants must have the following: 2 or 4 channel Z-Score Add-On ( the Data Base), the appropriate number of EEG sensors with corresponding conductivity kits, and the Z-Score Mini Suite software.

Course Recording:
All online courses are available to be recorded for play back at a later date. If you are interested in this option, please indicate on the registration form.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations must be received in writing if requested prior to 1 week before the course date. You will receive credit towards a future course minus an administration fee of US$ 50. Cancellations after this date forfeit registration fee. Thought Technology Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the course with full refund.

Please note Expiration Date for registration of all online courses or to use any course credits is
1 year from purchase date.

Please note:
Our online courses are focused on technical part of hardware/software training ONLY, for clinical training, you would need to contact the AAPB, BFE, ISNR or your local BCIA certified health professionals or clinicians.

Thought Technology’s online and on-site courses are accredited by the BCIA for “re-certification “ hours only – initial certification must be obtained through the BCIA or one of its affiliates. For a listing of affiliate organizations that are accredited to issue initial certifications, please contact the BCIA directly at bcia.org

*All times displayed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) / Eastern Standard Time (EST).

If you’re in a different time zone please click here to download a “Time Zone Overview” (PDF).

*Weekend Online Courses often allocate resources , staff and instructors outside of normal operating business hours and therefore, a “weekend surcharge” fee of $50.00 USD per person to cover additionals costs incurred.


Each highlighted entry represents Lesson 1 of an online course series of 4 sessions. Please click on the desired Lesson 1 start date on the below calendar in order to view the specific course series scheduled for the month.

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