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BioGraph Tutorial Videos

Please be advised that our tutorial videos are audio-less and use subtitles to teach the viewer.



  • A. Reading The Manuals
  • B. Launching BioGraph Infiniti
  • C. Using F1 Help File
  • D. Checking Software Version
  • E. Showing File Names
  • F. Setting Temperature Units
  • G. Setting Notch Filters

CHAPTER 2.1 - Quick Start

  • A. Running a Suite Favorite from a Desktop Shortcut
  • B. Creating and Using an Open Display Session Favourite
  • C. Creating and Using a Script Session Favourite
  • D. Running a Favorite from Quick Start Button

CHAPTER 2.2 - Open Display Session

  • A. Adding a New Client
  • B. Defining a New Session
  • C. Recording and Saving a Session
  • D. Start Session with Same Parameters

CHAPTER 2.3 - Script Session

  • A. Defining a New Script Session
  • B. Recording and Saving a Script Session
  • C. Start Script Session with Same Parameters
  • D. Editing Script Session Parameters

CHAPTER 2.4 - Editing Screens On-The-Fly

  • A. Editing Labels
  • B. Editing Threshold Settings
  • C. Editing Animation Settings
  • D. Editing Sound Settings

CHAPTER 2.5 - Other Functions Available at Recording

  • A. Checking Battery Level
  • B. Changing Time Frame
  • C. Changing Scales
  • D. Changing Thresholds
  • E. Checking which Channels are Connected to an Instrument
  • F. Hiding Instruments
  • G. Hiding Toolbar and Status Bar

CHAPTER 3.1. Replaying Sessions

  • A. Choosing a Session to Replay
  • B. Changing Replay Speed
  • C. Jumping to a Specific Time

CHAPTER 3.2. Reviewing Sessions

  • A. Choosing a Session to Review
  • B. Rejecting Artifacts
  • C. Calculating Statistics
  • D. Creating a Session Report

CHAPTER 3.3. Trend Reports

  • A. Trending Open Display Sessions
  • B. Trending Script Sessions

CHAPTER 4.1. Managing Clients

  • A. Setting Confidentiality, Inactivity Period and Clinic Name
  • B. Editing and Deleting Clients
  • C. Exporting and Importing Clients
  • D. Archiving and Restoring Clients

CHAPTER 4.2. Managing Clients

  • A. Editing session notes
  • B. Deleting sessions or videos
  • C. Importing and exporting sessions
  • D. Compressing and Decompressing sessions
  • E. Exporting data
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