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Tom Allen
  • “After spending considerable time with the new BioGraph 6.0.1, I am taken with its breadth and versatility. I have never worked with a biofeedback system with this type of depth. I can't wait to start making more screens and protocols with this system. It has everything and most of all it carries the history and commitment to quality that Thought Technology has been known for over many years.”
Robert Conder, PsyD, ABPP, General Biofeedback
  • “Brendan was incredible as an instructor. He is extremely intelligent, and knows the hardware and software thoroughly. He was able to communicate his understanding of the system exceptionally well, in a way to increase my mastery of your powerful system. Additionally, as this was a one-on-one course, he was able to tailor the instruction to meet my specific application needs”.
Patricia Sorensen, M.Sc., M.Ed., NeuroAdvances, Neurofeedback and Developer Tools 1
  • “Initially, I was uncertain about taking the course privately as one can learn a great deal from others’ questions...{but} I enjoyed having the instructor “ all to myself”. I was able to go at my own speed and focus on my own areas of interest. Having access to a recording of each session afterwards was crucial. ”
Alan Strohmayer, PHD
  • “.. Your guy Marc Saab is tops! Great time at ISNR. The post meeting seminar was very informative and renewed my interest in using TT. Thanks, Alan…”
Gideon Awuah, Neurofeedback
  • “.. the classes were very successful, and Linda is an excellent instructor and she presented the materials of the course very professionally. ... It was cool when I was able to hook up someone with the sensors after the second session, and Linda in our next meeting, resolved any concerns I had. Thought Technology’s staffs were awesome. They were right there to provide any assistance necessary and with the course recordings available online, I am able to have constant review…”
Denise Anthes, RN, BSN, MBA, Mini Course participant
  • “Jon Bale is BRILLIANT! He is also patient and heart –centered. And he clearly LOVES what he does. We were able to design a screen that eliminates the need to toggle back and forth among 3 screens. We also wrote a script to automate my study protocol. HE made ME feel smart and competent!”
Kristine Woods, Psy.D. , General Biofeedback
  • “The explanations of how to use the equipment were easy to understand and the live walk-through of the features was quite beneficial in teaching how to use the software. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the software and had a great presentation style. I appreciated that the content was able to be tailored to my personal interests and level of need.”
Dr. Diana Valdez, PhD, LPC-S Assistant Professor Psychology and Counseling, Neurofeedback
  • “Procomp Infiniti encoder: Great! EEG Software: Great! Thought Technology Online Technical course with Brendan Parsons: PRICELESS...At first I was hesitant to take an PRIVATE online course because of the expense, but it turned out to be the best money I have spent since AAPB last year. Brendan Parsons was very knowledgeable and patient. He took the time to make sure I understood and answered all my questions about how to use the EEG Software. I can't recommend more highly taking an online course with Raymond Yust and the TTL instructors”
Elizabeth Grossman, B.A. General Biofeedback
  • “Brendan made learning about Biograph Infiniti fun and it was easy to follow and understand his instructions. Taking this course provided me with valuable knowledge, and makes me want to try out another Thought Technologies online course sometime in the future!”
John Rogal , Muscle Rehab
  • “I was very pleased with my instructor’s knowledge of the software. More importantly, he did a fantastic job of tailoring the information to my needs and level of understanding, which gave me the biggest bang for the buck. Usually you get the “out of the box” instruction, but Pedro knew exactly what to show me based on my questions, and explained the concepts well through the online drawing tools, and quickly guided me through the screens with the remote pointer. The ability to download the entire recorded session is a great feature for review! This online class was one of the best I’ve taken.”
Brendan Parsons, M.Sc. Candidate, BCN
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Thought Technology equipment for over four years. In that short time, I have seen huge growth in the potential and ease-of-use of their software, and continuous innovations with their hardware. Working in conjunction with the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of practitioners worldwide who use this equipment in a wide variety of domains. I have seen countless screens, channel sets and scripts built from the ground up to deliver exactly what a practitioner wants, and what a client needs. I have worked first hand with Thought Technology equipment with the Vancouver Canucks, the Swedish Centre for Development in Sport, and most recently in private clinical practice. When it comes to maximizing human potential - on the ice or in the classroom - Thought Technology simply cannot be beat.”
Duane F. Hurst, Ph.D. , Chair, Division of Psychology
  • “I recently attended a two-day workshop, in Los Angeles, and conducted by Mr. DeGregorio. I want to preface my following comments by placing them in context: I am a terrible workshop attendee. I generally loathe going to them, usually find them to be very disappointing, and often a waste of my time and money. Thus, I almost always approach a continuing education workshop with an abundance of scepticism and bad attitude.

    This workshop, in sharp contrast to those that have shaped my prejudices reported above, was outstanding. The information was practical, Frank's method of presentation was relaxed, methodical, and thorough. He was very generous with his time and effort, and made a very strong connection with those in attendance. I cannot express how pleased I am with what I was able to accomplish over the course of those 16 hours! Thank you for providing this service, and please do take notice of Mr. DeGregorio's talents as a teacher and technical advisor.”
Ann M. Pardo, MA, LPC , Director/ Life Management , Canyon Ranch, Tucson, AZ , Neurofeedback
  • “I actually had fun doing this course; I was surprised that the information was presented in a way that it was absolutely accessible."
Christopher Gilbert PhD , Developer Tools level 1
  • “After several years of accepting the default screens, I now see how easy it is to modify them. The potential of Infiniti has been revealed; feels like discovering a car has gears above 1st and 2nd ! ”
Connie Schrader Director, UNCA Dance Program, Asheville, NC
  • "Let me add my name to what I'm sure is a very long list of people who are totally indebted to John Bramble for saving their hides with his incredible expertise. He is knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. He consistently goes the extra mile to make sure that the equipment works as it is supposed to. He is an absolute treasure. Again today I called with what I thought was a simple question and had it not been for John I would have been in deep trouble on Monday. I am so grateful that Thought Technology takes such incredible care of its customers. When fielding questions about what equipment would be best to invest in, I am happy to sing the praises not only of the equipment and its versatility but also make a point of observing that Especially for someone just getting started, the value of accessible support has got to be factored into the price of the system. Thought Tech consistently takes excellent care of its customers-- Major Value Added. Thank God for John! "
Vicki Williams, PhD New South Wales, Australia, HRV
  • “Thank you again for another great course. Despite the fact that the start time for me here in Sydney is 3am, I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and appreciate the professionalism with which TTL staff conduct themselves (it really isn't common to find that).”
Patricia Feigley MSW LISW-CP LMFT, General Biofeedback
  • “I had a very good experience with this course. I am an unusual learner in that I have years of experience with an old system and I am technologically challenged. Brendan was able to adapt the course to my learning goals and added a lot of unexpected extras because of his clinical experience., I have a basic understanding of the software, and the tools to get to know it well. I plan to register for the Neurofeedback Course. “
Joan Cavalcante Vecchiarelli, Mini Course participant.
Dr. Vicki Williams , NSW, Australia General Biofeedback
  • "I was very impressed with TT course organization and execution. The instructor was excellent. Pedro’s knowledge was beyond expectations, and his interpersonal skills were excellent, keeping control of the presentation at all times.

    The level of communication from TT has also been beyond expectations. There was nothing left to chance, and every question asked was answered well. TTs professionalism is appreciated.

    Using GoToMeeting was a new experience for me too, amazing technology, and also well done."
Domagoj Lausic ,PhD. , General Biofeedback
  • “Excellent learning experience throughout the entire course! The presenter was knowledgeable about all aspects of the application, as well as research conducted in the field of biofeedback.”
Sean Latimer, B.Comm; CA(SA); MA, Neurofeedback
  • “The course was very well organized throughout by Raymond Yust; especially helpful was the information and instructions provided beforehand to facilitate clear understanding of requirements from participants and expectations for leaming. The course instruction was excellent. Very knowledgeable and practical leader in Linda Walker. Practical knowledge to impart, flexible and ready to answer questions.”
Eric Hayden, PhD - Developer Tools Level 1
  • “This is my second course with Linda. She engages the learner/participant by asking questions or to repeat steps involved with a task. She provides a very comfortable and relaxed learning environment and always encourages questions or clarifications. I enjoy her sense of humor and very much appreciate her generous offer to down load her cheat-sheets.

    Regarding Thought Tech in general, I really like the GoToMeeting venue and ESPECIALLY appreciate the recordings.”
Christina Huang, Graduate Student- Neurofeedback
  • “Overall, great course! …The instructor, Brendan, was always very open and accepting of all questions, and he was extremely patient, particularly since many of us were not fluent English speakers. He also spent a considerable amount of time helping each of us trouble shoot our equipment issues. Furthermore, he seemed to be very knowledgeable and experienced not only in his technical skill but …it was very valuable to hear his commentary on many questions the attendees (including myself) raised, such as the current state of neurofeedback in the field or …neurofeedback to treat certain populations.”
Tiffany Burch, CMA - Neurofeedback
  • “Linda was wonderful and I am so glad that we were able to participate in this course. She answered any questions that we had and is extremely knowledgeable in regards to what the system is capable of, which turned out to be more than we imagined. I personally feel that I am better equipped to serve my patients because of this course, thanks to Raymond and Linda for a pleasant experience.”
Dr. Carlos A. Gómez-Orozco - General Biofeedback
  • “Mr. Teixeira was very knowledgeable about the Biograph software and was able to answer any questions that I had and gave very good examples on how you could actually use the software in the clinic or for research purposes.”
David Van Riper – Neurofeedback
  • “Elizabeth was a joy to work with. It is clear that she draws from a wealth of firsthand experience yet she maintains an excitement about the material as if she is discovering it along with the students!”
Jamie Crowley, OTR/L – Muscle Rehab
  • “The instructor was very knowledgable about the equipment software. He was great about going into detail about specific questions I had. Overall, I think Pedro was able to make complex information easy to understand!”
Andrew Sether, HRV
  • “The HRV course was a terrific start for me and my clinical practice into the world of biofeedback. I thought having the training days recorded and made available to me was an awesome feature as I can go back and review what Linda had said.”
Dr. Aileen Seah, Singapore, Continence
  • “Nancy has been an absolutely great teacher and she has given me confidence to start my biofeedback programme with the patients.”
Terry Oleson, PhD Developer Tools Level 2
  • “The use of specific feedback from the instructor while he observed me use the Thought Technology Infiniti software was very valuable. I have been stuck for many months trying to figure out how to use certain features and how to tailor a TT suite for my personal clinical use. Thewas very helpful in assisting me to have greater mastery in using the TT software system.”
Joseph Barr, MD Z-Score
  • “…great instructor and artfully brings z-score training to the Infinity Platform. I highly recommend her class!”
John Davis, PhD. Developer Tools Level 1
  • “Linda is a completely expert teacher who communicates in a wonderfully clear manner. Her examples and guided exercises are outstanding, as are the skills she uses to involve the learner.”
Mini Course Participant
  • “The mini-course was excellent. Brandon was patient and knowledgeable and taught me many things that I needed to know. It has made a significant difference in my facility with the Infinity. After I spend more time with implementing what I learned, I anticipate scheduling another mini-course in the future.”
Sandra Klassen, Developer Tools 1
  • “Linda is an excellent instructor who gives clear explanations, and is exceedlingly patient. She has a lot of practical ideas for the visual/audio experience of biofeedback from her extensive work with youth. Her wealth of knowledge and clarity of communication make this a valuable course.”
Jonathan Kennedy, Neurofeedback
  • “I enjoyed the course work. Brendan has a personality that is well suited to delivering this type of learning. Brendan was patient and attentive to my questions. He took time to understand why i was enrolled in the course and catered the instruction accordingly. The course work addressed my reasons for enrolling originally. I believe i understand the software well enough to administer multiple clients. Subsequent training will be required for detailed clinician knowledge.”
Anna Miles, Mini Course, New Zealand
  • “Brendan was extremely helpful and did an excellent job of focussing on my particular needs. I am now using my Biograph Infiniti competently and will keep in touch as my needs change/ expand. Thank you for an excellent service.”
Dr. Alicia Thomas, Director - Therapy, Education & Research - ECG WELLCARE
  • "I had my presentation at the facility and it was wonderful to use the 2-person screens and multiple participant screens. Everyone enjoyed the presentation and it would not have been possible without your help and guidance. I also was able to provide a biofeedback session to some wonderful children with learning disabilities using the screens in a group format. The kids loved it and learned so much more with their peers next to them…every day is a learning experience. I enjoyed your class in Albany and it helped me grow as a practitioner. "
Joe Castellano, Boulder, CO Private On-Site Workshop with Didier Combatalade, DC
  • "“..The training was a great experience. Being able to have such a personally tailored learning experience was a great opportunity for me. It filled many gaps in my knowledge of the hardware/software and enhanced my ability to apply this to my work, training, and studies. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned and hope to come back for the Sports Psychology Training in the spring."
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