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Physical Rehabilitation and Biomechanics Expert System

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Get the broadest perspective on biomechanics with this top-of-the-line multi-sensor system. The system combines a 10-channel device, 4 surface electromyography sensors, 3 physiological sensors, inclination and force sensors and a foot pedal to offer maximum capabilities. You can get total control over the system using a powerful physiological monitoring and data acquisition software and two specialised content suites (Rehab and DynaMAP).


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Our most advanced biomechanics and rehabilitation package includes all you need to combine surface electromyography with physiological monitoring and acquisition of basic ergonomic data. Four SEMG sensors allow you to monitor and re-train 1 to 4 muscle sites at once while the accessory skin conductance, temperature and respiration sensors give you a window on the subject’s emotional responses accompanying any physical task. The inclination and force sensors complete the image with essential mechanical data. The software’s color coded displays and automated assessment capabilities allow you to generate quick and easy session reports to document your work.

Using the BioGraph Infiniti software with the Rehab and DynaMAP suites, you can:

  • Monitor EMG, physiology and other signals in numerous configurations.
  • Record/review video images in synchrony with the signals.
  • Review sessions and generate reports.

The optional BioGraph Infiniti Developer Tools allow you to go beyond what is possible with the suite and create your own display configurations.

Complete System Includes:

FlexComp Infiniti System - 10 Channel

FlexComp Infiniti The FlexComp Infiniti™ device is our most powerful data encoder. Its 10 high sampling rate channels allow you to receive high resolution signals on all sensors at once, requiring only a USB port to connect to your Windows desktop or laptop PC. The FlexComp can also store data on a Compact Flash memory card, for uploading later to the PC, or use an optional long-range compact flash telemetry module to offer a wide range of recording options.

The MyoScan-Z sensors are specialised high resolution electromyography sensors which integrate impedance monitoring capabilities to ensure optimal electrode contact with the skin. With skin conductance, temperature and respiration sensors, you can monitor key physiological changes which reflect your subject’s unconscious emotional responses to a task, including arousal, anxiety or pain. The Inclinotrac and Forcetrac sensors complete the kit by allowing you to measure movement and force during bend or push/pull tasks.

Researchers, surface electromyography (SEMG) specialists and ergonomists will appreciate its ability to monitor and record SEMG and displaying it as raw, median frequency, RMS, peak-to-peak, 2D and 3D frequency and power spectrum. Up to four encoders (each using up to 10 channels) can be connected simultaneously to produce the largest possible “window” into the subject’s physiology.


  • FlexComp Infiniti encoder
  • BioGraph Infiniti Software Platform
  • BioGraph Infiniti Feature Set 
  • Developer Tools Software
  • 1 foot & 15 foot long Fiber Optic Cable
  • Built in Compact Flash Recorder (Flash card optional)
  • TT-USB Receiver
  • USB cable
  • Sample electrodes
  • Protective carrying case
  • Four alkaline “AA” batteries

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BioGraph Infiniti Software

BioGraph Infiniti Software is the core of all our Biofeedback and Psychophysiology products. It provides a multimedia rich graphical experience, while capturing and analyzing raw data. It also includes all the features and functions required to run our specialized application Suites.

New Look & Feel

Binaural BeatVersion 6.0’s many enhancements will please many current and new users. BioGraph’s menus were reorganized to group functionality in logical sets. Many dialog boxes were simplified and the flow of a number of functional sequences (start session, review sessions, export data, etc) were streamlined to minimize mouse clicks and facilitate user decisions. A number of automatic default settings were implemented such as: Notch filter frequency, default temperature units and page size format. New easy screen resize function fits all monitors and is saved for the next session.

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Rehab Suite

The Rehab Suite combines Thought Technology's powerful BioGraph Infiniti software with specialized protocols, screens, animations and statistics, designed to provide customized physical rehab treatment for your patients. Its flexibility in all aspects of its use, from recording options to protocols and sound and visual feedback, will enable you to reach new levels of treatment.

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DynaMap Suite

The DynaMap Suite is focused on SEMG with a wide variety of different applications. It also incorporates other modalities, including Goniometer and Force, in some of the channel sets and screens.

For use with the ProComp2, ProComp Infiniti, and FlexComp systems.

The BioGraph Infiniti DynaMap Suite lets you record, replay and review 2-10 channel SEMG monitoring and biofeedback sessions.

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Physiology Suite

The Physiology Suite includes all the tools you need for multi-modality physiological assessments and over 80 display screens for training with standard physiological sensors including heart rate with EKG or blood volume pulse (BVP), electromyography (EMG), skin conductance, temperature and respiration. Using the Physiology suite, you can train self-regulation with physiological biofeedback protocols that include relaxation with EMG, temperature or skin conductance, heart rate variability with respiration and EKG or BVP and abdominal/thoracic breathing. The suite also features a full-length relaxation exercise script with a recorded audio track guiding the client through deep relaxation and progressive recovery.

For your clinical assessments and follow-ups, the suite incorporates pre and post-training baseline assessment scripts and a 7-activity Stress Assessment script which takes the client through three cycles of stress induction and relaxation steps, including color words, math task and stressful event recall. Using the stress assessment script, you can rapidly identify any hyper- or hypo-reactivity in any of the recorded modalities.

Physiology Suite features

  • A skin-conductance driven relaxation script with audio induction track
  • A full range of heart rate variability training screens
  • Simple feedback screens with auto or manual thresholds
  • Single and dual-monitor display screens
  • Real-time epoch statistics for instant trend graphing

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MyoScan-Z Sensor The new MyoScan-Z EMG sensor joins our line-up of physiological sensors. Designed for a sampling rate 2048 samples per second, this new EMG sensor offers a unique impedance check mode, which can be triggered from BioGraph Infiniti software version 5.0. It measures raw EMG signals with a range from 0 up to 2000 micro-Volts.

MyoScan-Z makes impedance check fast, easy and reliable, and avoid risk of cable misplacement.

Get the ultimate hook up every time with this sensor as it monitors skin impedance and sensor connection.

Thought Technology is the only manufacturer providing EMG sensors with built-in impedance check.

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EKG™ Sensor

EKG Sensor EKG sensor is a pre-amplified electrocardiograph sensor, for directly measuring heart electrical activity. Connects via extender cables for a single channel hook up.

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Skin Conductance Sensor

Skin Conductance Sensor Skin Conductance sensor measures the conductance across the skin, and is normally connected to the fingers or toes. Supplied with two finger bands.

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Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor Temperature sensor measures skin surface temperature between 10°C – 45°C (50°F - 115°F ). It is supplied with a self adhering band for easy finger placement.

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Respiration Sensor

Respiration Sensor Respiration Sensor includes a sensitive and repeatable girth sensor using an easy fitting high durability latex rubber band fixed with self-adhering belt for monitoring respiration rate, waveform and amplitude. Can be worn either thoracically or abdominally, over clothing.

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Foot Switch

Foot Switch Foot Pedal connects to all encoders and allows you to remotely set a time mark, move a script to the next step or respond to a stimulus.

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InclinoTrac (Single)

InclinoTrac InclinoTrac is a single inclinometer that measures the inclination angle relative to the ground.

InclinoTrac use solid-state micro-machined sensors and microprocessor technology to provide rapid settling and high resolution (0.1°) and accuracy (1.0°). They are the ideal choice for Range of Motion (ROM) assessment.

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ForceTrac ForceTrac is a highly sensitive and accurate sensor capable of monitoring any force perpendicular to its surface through one of 3 attachments.

It can be used as an algometer with its rod attachment or as a manual muscle tester with a choice of flat or curved rubber-coated attachment.

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Triode™ Electrodes

Triode Electrodes Triode™ electrode, with standard 2cm spacing of silver silver chloride electrodes, backed with nickel plated brass snaps to prevent corrosion when connected to pre-amplifiers for extended periods.

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USA Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or any other practitioner licensed by the law of the state in which he or she practices to use or order the use of this device.

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