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Thought Technology was pleased to host its annual distributors meeting on November the 12th at the Holiday Inn in Dusseldorf, Germany. A special thanks to the distributors that made the effort to come from all over the world and for their interesting and informative presentations.

Attendance consisted of: Righetto (Italy); Meditech (Germany); Biomed – (MT partner in Poland); Pukhya Healthcare (India); Farmed Tajhiz Co. Ltd. (Iran) KMTEC (Korea); TEA France.

Thought Technology was represented by Valery Florimond, Strategic Business Development Director, Geva Antopolsky, EMG Product Manager, Dawood Shia, Product Manager of Mobile applications, Frank DeGregorio, Technical Service Director along with Lawrence Klein, Vice-President, Jean –Sylvain , CEO and Helen Mavros, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Jingming Yu, MBA Asia-Pacific Marketing.

The day’s events consisted of presentations on Thought Technology's new corporate vision, live skype presentation from Special guest presenter Pia Stampe, PT, DPT; Advanced Muscle Stimulators, LLC and Stephane Bouchard virtual reality applications – webinar presentation.

A special thanks for the distributors that also came to see us by the booth such as DYN Medical Israel, MedCat (The Netherlands). We hope to see everyone again next year along with some new comers.

Medica 2017 - Distributor Meeting with Helen Mavros, Dawood Shia, Jean Sylvain, Luca Righetto, Meditech, Lawrence Klein, Frank DeGregorio, Jingming Yu
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