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Surface Electrmyography

Basics of Surface Electromyography

ProComp/FlexComp Infiniti Series ONLY

Tele-Infiniti™ Compact Flash - T9600

Isokenetic Machine

Interface to Isokinetic Machines


EMG MyoScan-Z™ Sensor - T9503Z


Muscle Rehabilitation


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MyoTrac Infiniti & MyoTrac3 Series

MyoTrac InfinitiOur 2 channel devices are used as an essential part of many therapeutic treatments and clinical assessment protocols for incontinence and muscle rehabilitation.

They allow you to measure high-resolution surface electromyography (SEMG).

MyoTrac Infiniti performs electrical stimulation (NMES) in a large number of configurations. The MyoTrac Infiniti stands apart from the competition by also combining these two modalities in various ways. It performs among others SEMG-triggered stimulation (ETS).

ProComp/FlexComp Infiniti Series

ProComp / FlexComp InfinitiProComp5, ProComp Infiniti and FlexComp Infiniti have recently been added to Thought Technology’s physical rehabilitation product line.

These devices can measure and provide biofeedback training on:

  • Surface Electromyography (SEMG).
  • Range of Motion (ROM).
  • Muscle Testing.
  • Algometry.
  • Respiration.
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
  • Skin Conductance and Peripheral Temperature.


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