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    HRV Suite
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    Do classical biofeedback with skin conductance, temperature,
    respiration and other sensors to teach your clients how to relax,
    control their stress and practice self-regulation.
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    Use electroencephalographic (EEG) sensors to do
    brainwave biofeedback and help your clients be focussed,
    attentive and relaxed.
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    Heart Rate
    Help your clients expand the adaptive range of their
    cardiovascular system and optimise their performance
    with breathing and heart rate sensors.
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    Use sophisticated electromyographic (EMG)
    equipment to guide your clients through muscle
    re-education exercises and strengthen
    their musculoskeletal system.
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    Work with athletes, corporate leaders and top
    performers to optimise their ability to be
    “in the zone” and maximise inner strength and stability.
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    Easy to use medical grade electromyographic (EMG)
    systems help you train your clients to control and
    strengthen pelvic floor muscles to regain continence
    and confidence.
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    Combine electromyographic sensors with range of motion, algometry
    and other sensors to restore posture, flexibility and movement.
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    Use advanced multi-channel data acquisition systems
    to analyse and redesign workstations, optimise worker
    safety and reduce the risk of repetitive stress injury.
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    Thought Technology’s products
    provide flexibility and accuracy
    for psychophysiological research.

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Whether you are a psychologist, a physiotherapist, a nurse practitioner or a medical doctor, our powerful and easy to use physiological monitoring and biofeedback systems will meet your needs for quality, flexibility and reliability.

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Thought Technology systems are used by researchers worldwide in a wide range of applications.

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