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General Biofeedback


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Tele-InfinitiTM Compact Flash

Model: T9600

Tele infiniti CF Tele-Infiniti CF turns our ProComp 5 Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti and FlexComp Infiniti encoders into long range monitoring devices. The unit disappears into the Compact Flash slot, leaving only the antenna visible to transmit data up to 300 feet (100 m)* – useful for sports and applications where the light and durable fiber-optic connection may hinder an athlete, such as a golfer or archer.

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Model: T9595

Tele infinitiTele-Infiniti is a Bluetooth Class II telemetry unit that attaches to our encoders and transmits data to 10+ meters (30+ feet). Ideal for our small devices such as ProComp2TM and MyoTrac3™.

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EKG Wrist Straps

Model: SA9325

EKG Wrist StrapsEKG wrist straps provide fast, convenient placement of electrodes for measuring EKG from the wrists. Non-latex medical straps are easy to apply, comfortable, and washable; and electrodes are replaceable. Combined with BioGraph Infiniti's advanced heart rate algorithm, which is designed to operate in the presence of heavy EMG artifact, the EKG wrist straps allow for quick, easy and robust EKG and heart rate variability biofeedback.

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EMG Headband


EMG HEadbandThe EMG Headband enables easy EMG measurement from the forehead (frontalis), which is one of the common EMG placements for stress/relaxation biofeedback. The headband has 3 snap electrodes (Ag-AgCl) that work with Thought Technology's EMG Extender Cables (T8720M). It is re-usable (for a single client only).

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NuPrep Skin Prepping Gel

NuPrep Gel
Not For Sale In Canada

NuPrep Skin Prepping Gel (Product#: 10-30)

4 oz. tube, 114 gm, pack of 3

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Ten-20 Conductive Paste

Ten20 Conductive PasteNot For Sale In Canada

Ten-20 Conductive Paste (Product#: 10-20-4T)

4 oz. tube, 114 gm, pack of 3

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