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Does the ProComp Infiniti Encoder connect via RS232 input or USB?

The ProComp Encoder can connect using either the TT-USB or the Pro-SB. However, to fully utilize the faster data rate you must use the TT-USB.

Can I use the Pro-SB or Pro-SB Dual on the Infiniti system?

The PRO-SB Dual Interface is for the purpose of running BioGraph and CardioPro software at the same time with the signals coming from one encoder. If you are not running the two programs simultaneously, then the Pro-SB Dual is not required. The Pro-SB Dual Interface can be used with the new ProComp Infiniti encoder and either of the following software:

  • BioGraph 2.1 or BioGraph Infiniti software with Legacy Suite.
  • The encoder DIP switches should be set for BioGraph 2.1
  • or OEM communication protocol.

Can I use more than one encoder with the new BioGraph Infiniti software at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to use up to four encoders with same type, and protocol simultaneously with the new BioGraph Infiniti software.

How can we use the Voltage Isolator and what is the purpose?

The Voltage Isolator is used to provide a separation between our devices and other third-party equipment, for example, blood pressure monitors, oscilloscopes, computer data acquisition boards, etc.

The purpose is to avoid interference and provide protection for the person who is attached to our devices.

What is the expected battery life of the ProComp Infiniti encoder?

The batteries will last for at least 8 hours. However, the exact life of the battery depends on the type of battery and the number of sensors used.

Is there a difference in the ProComp+ and ProComp Infiniti encoder frequency cutoffs?

Yes, the ProComp Infiniti cutsoff at 64 Hz, not 40 Hz as on the old ProComp+. The 64 Hz allows you to view a flatter response and a wider bandwidth. This way you will not miss pertinent data.

Does the BioGraph Infiniti software recognizes sensors if I use a ProComp2 or ProComp+ encoder?

No, sensor recognition is only available with Infiniti encoders - IN THE INFINITI COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS (FLEX AND PRO).

When you use the older communication protocols settings, just as with the ProComp+ or ProComp2 devices, no sensor information is sent out by the encoder.

The new protocols were specially designed to send this information out. Another thing to keep in mind is that this only works with sensors with build sensor identification circuitry. The sensors were all redesigned to have a special identification value, which we use to tell them apart. Older sensors may not have this feature.

Can you synchronize a video camera with a psycho physiological recording session?

You can use two web cameras. The synchronization is built into the BioGraph Infiniti software. When you click “Start Recording”, the data and video will be recorded in a synchronized way. Refer to known issues.

Thought Technology's Web site indicates that the ProComp Infiniti system will accept a simple voltage input e.g. from an external device. Presumably therefore there is another input sensor that simply takes a voltage signal via e.g. a jack socket. Is that right and if so what voltage range will the system accept?

That is correct. The encoder will accept a voltage input from the Thought Technology’s Voltage Isolator. There are two settings, 0–0.2 volts and 0–2.0 volts.

Compact Flash

How long (time) can you record on Compact Flash Card?

The duration for which you can record on a compact flash depends on the sample rate and the amount of channel been recorded. ProComp Infiniti has 2 fast channels and 6 slower channels:

  • A and B channel are 2048 samples/second (s/s),
  • and C to H channels are 256 s/s.

Below is the calculation of the amount of space used over a given time.

  • For 2 fast channels: 2048 s/s x 2 bytes x 2 channels = 8192 bytes/second, this is equal to 480 K bytes per minute, and 28.1M bytes per hour.
  • For slow channels: 256 s/s x 2 bytes x 6 channels = 3072 bytes/second, this is equal to 180 K bytes per minute, and 10.5M bytes per hour.
  • Therefore, a 256M compact flash can record 9.1 hours of data from 2 fast channels, 24.4 hours of data from 6 slow channels.
  • If all 8 eight channels are used, a 256M compact flash can record 6.3 hours of data. Worst-case scenario, with all sensors connected, would be 40MB/Hour.

Presently BioGraph Infiniti reserves 384MB of ram per session therefore; you will be unable to download sessions greater than the reserved amount.

  • Sample Rate 32 s/s for 1 minute = 7.5 KB
  • Sample Rate 256 s/s for 1 minute = 60 KB
  • Sample Rate 2048 s/s for 1 minute = 480 KB

How do I install the Compact Flash Card and use it on the system?

ProComp Infiniti is able to record data to a compact flash card. The instructions for this are in the ProComp Infiniti hardware manual SA7510 and in the BioGraph Infiniti software manual. There are some important details to which you need to pay attention.

Does the Compact Flash card need special formatting?

Before its first use in the encoder, a CF card requires PC formatting using the file manager.

With the CF card inserted into the reader connected to the PC, from Windows® open the file manager and identify the Removable Drive.

  1. Right Click the removable drive and select Format.
  2. Select Format Type Full, if using Windows® XP select file system FAT, not FAT32,
  3. and select Start.

When this is complete use the single master file build function provided by the Infiniti Software to finish the process.

Note: Formatting CF Card with File Systems other than FAT will render it inoperable.

Can I read data from the Compact Flash card when it is plugged in to the encoder?

No, you need to remove the Compact Flash card from the encoder and plug it into a Compact Flash card reader, which has to be plugged into the computer directly.

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