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How come I can no longer create a Customized Script?

The maximum number of customized script sessions that can be created for each type of script (EMG, STIM and EMG-STIM) is 5. Once that maximum number has been reached the only way to create another customized script is to delete one that was previously created

I cannot see any of the custom scripts that I have created. Why?

Custom scripts are saved at the end of the list of predefined scripts. In order to view the custom scripts, using the down arrow scroll through the list of scripts. In the list, a customized script name is saved and shown beginning with “Cust(01-05)”.

How many sessions can I record to On-Board Memory?

Since the internal memory is of a limited size, only the statistical summaries are recorded. Specifically, the statistics for 13 open sessions or 9 training sessions (work/rest) or 6 assessment sessions (work/rest + fast-flick + endurance) can be recorded.

How many sessions can I record to the Compact Flash card?

Since all EMG data is recorded, the amount of data that is saved to a Compact Flash card depends on the size of the compact flash card itself.

1.75 hours
3.5 hours
7 hours
14 hours
27.5 hours
55.5 hours

Does the Compact Flash Card need special formatting?

Before its first use in the encoder, a CF card requires PC formatting using the file manager, then format the card using the BioGraph Infiniti Main Application. Formatting and transferring CF data to the PC is covered in depth in the BioGraph Infiniti software manual and inthe MyoTrac Infiniti Report Generator.

Why can’t I change the date and time on the unit? There used to be arrows to modify the date, but they are no longer there?

This occurs when the MyoTrac Infiniti unit is locked to a return date. In order to change the date, the due date option must be disabled by entering the appropriate code to unlock the unit.

Can I use the TTL vaginal and rectal sensors with the MyoTrac Infiniti?

No, since they are not designed for the purpose of electrical stimulation the TTL vaginal and rectal sensors must not be used with the MyoTrac Infiniti for STIM or EMG-STIM sessions. It is also not recommended to use them for EMG sessions.

Can I use EMG electrodes with the MyoTrac Infiniti?

Yes, you can, but for EMG sessions only. Since they are not designed for the purpose of electrical stimulation, they must not be used with the MyoTrac Infiniti for STIM or EMG-STIM sessions.

When using the USB cable to power up or connect the MyoTrac Infiniti, do I need to install a custom driver?

No, there is no need to install a custom driver since the MyoTrac Infiniti unit uses Windows’ built-in HID (human interface device) drivers.

How come BioGraph Infiniti does not see my MyoTrac Infiniti when I start a session?

Windows may not have detected that your MyoTrac Infiniti is connected to the USB port. This connection may have been rejected because too many USB devices are connected to your computer or your USB hub and it takes too much power (it requires 500mA). Disconnect the USB cable, go to the MyoTrac Infiniti power screen and check the box “Do not power from USB” and reconnect the USB cable. Then start your session again.

Why can’t I select Client Initials and Client Number anymore?

Client Initials and Client Number screen is shown when sessions are being saved to either On-Board Memory or to a Compact Flash Card. Make sure that one of these choices, and not the “No Save” option, is selected from the Save Menu.

If I do not have BioGraph Infiniti Software, can I use a Compact Flash with my MyoTrac Infiniti stand-alone unit?

Yes, a Report Generator Utilty is now available (since April 2007). It allows you to prepare your Compact Flash for use with your MyoTrac Infiniti. You can then record sessions on the units' compact and then generate reports with this software. If you have purchased your MyoTrac Infiniti after April 2007, you can install it from your MyoTrac Infiniti CD (version 2). Otherwise you can download it from our website

Report Gererator download

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