ForceTrac - T7640

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ForceTrac is a highly sensitive and accurate sensor capable of monitoring any force perpendicular to its surface through one of 3 attachments.

ForceTrac can be used as a manual muscle tester to evaluate muscle strength in a wide variety of muscles, in strength testing and kinesiology.

SEMG can be used for helping the examinee to perform the right movement by providing feedback on unwanted muscle activation. It can also help the examiner to document potential muscle substitution.

Two rubber-coated probes are included – a flat one, and a curved one for wrist and leg assessments.

ForceTrac when used with its rod attachment can be used as an algometer. Algometry measures Pressure Threshold (PTM). It quantifies the sensitivity of para-spinal tissues and their tenderness.

ForceTrac works with our encoders, including: ProComp 5, ProComp Infiniti, or FlexComp Infiniti, and our BioGraph Infiniti Software with Rehab Suite to provide an integrated solution to force monitoring.


  • Dimensions: 93mm x 63mm x 25mm
  • Weight (spprox.): 94g
  • Input range (force): 0–100 lbf
  • Safe overload: 250 lbf
  • Accuracy: ± (0.1lbf + 5% of reading)
  • Zero-level output: 2.048V
  • Full scale output swing: 1V at 100 lbs load
  • Power supply: 7.26V