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Carol Austad, Ph.D.

I used my first Infinity system more than 15 years ago. I was so impressed with the equipment that when we decided to open a biofeedback center within the psychology department at Central Connecticut State University, I chose to purchase five Infinity systems, with both the Physiology and EEG suites, to be used as our primary equipment for the center. It was a wise decision to adapt the Thought Technology Infinity system.

All systems have been used in the classroom setting and my students are consistently delighted with the equipment. We use the Physiology Suite with its wide array of physiological assessments and training screens with both audio and visual feedback. One can write one's own script, use the prewritten scripts, or use a combination of both. The equipment and software programs are easy to use and intuitive and if they follow the step-by-step labs we have created, students are adept at using the equipment swiftly. The students almost unanimously comment that they find the equipment very use friendly. We have used one of the encoders to run over 3000 45-minute sessions for our research. Not once has the encoder had problems. It has demonstrated high reliability. The standard physiological sensors include measures of heart rate with EKG or blood volume pulse (BVP), electromyography (EMG), skin conductance, temperature and respiration, and are very durable. Of course, with a number of students handling these sensors in a classroom setting, the sensors need maintenance and repair from normal wear and tear. Thought Technology has taken care of any maintenance problems with fantastic efficiency. As for support for the equipment, we have always experienced quick turnaround for repairs.

And the IT technical staff has been incredibly helpful with advice and coaching and troubleshooting. When questions arise about the equipment, we receive answers quickly and courteously. For example, I had a question about neurofeedback and within a few hours, I had answers and screen shots to guide me. They answer your queries quickly and help with all problems connecting other software, or troubleshooting about anything. For research purposes, the data is easy to print and export to a spreadsheet for analysis. I find the Infinity equipment and software from Thought Technology highly effective for clinical, research and personal use. Thought Technology's staff has been supportive of our educational efforts and has generously supported the use of their equipment to train our students in biofeedback practice and research. To sum up, I would highly recommend the use of the Infinity system for clinical work, for classroom teaching, and for research. The equipment is reliable, easy to use, and flexible.

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