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DynaMap Suite - SA7925

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The DynaMap Suite is focused on SEMG with a wide variety of different applications. It also incorporates other modalities, including Goniometer and Force, in some of the channel sets and screens.


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The BioGraph Infiniti DynaMap Suite, combined with any of four Thought Technology encoders; FlexComp Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti, or ProComp2, lets you record, replay and review 2-10 channel SEMG monitoring and biofeedback sessions. Over 100 screens display SEMG readings combined with other physiological signals. A key feature is live video, which enhances the review of data enabling one to view the video display while pinpointing a moment in time for statistics for each measure. Dual monitor screens also play a key role in the software, allowing the client to view what is required for feedback and the clinician to view the actual data. The BioGraph Infiniti software also lets you edit the existing screens and create new ones of your own.

For use with the ProComp2, ProComp Infiniti, and FlexComp systems.

The BioGraph Infiniti DynaMap Suite lets you record, replay and review 2-10 channel SEMG monitoring and biofeedback sessions.

Works with:

  • Procomp Infiniti
  • Flexcomp Infiniti
  • Procomp2

DynaMap for the FlexComp Infiniti provides 7 channel sets and 57 screens for high resolution and accurate multi-channel SEMG data-acquisition.

The 7 channel sets allows you several choices: connect up to 10 MyoScan-Flex sensors for raw SEMG recording, a combination of 6 MyoScan-Flex Sensors and 4 Goniometers, 6 MyoScan and 2 Goniometers, 6 MyoScan with 2 Force Sensors, 10 Force Sensors, 10 Goniometers, 2 MyoScan-Flex with EKG, Temperature and Skin Conductance for SEMG and peripheral biofeedback. On-board Compact Flash memory gives you the capability to save data directly to the encoder for real life assessments away from the office or lab.

DynaMap for the ProComp Infiniti includes 7 channel sets and 48 screens for multi-channel raw and RMS SEMG combined with up to 6 other physiological measures.

Screens include exciting new 3-D graphics of animated figures that work with the client. As the client moves the animation moves! In addition there are screens to look at the interplay of median frequency and RMS data between bilateral sites. The raw EMG signals can be displayed raw or, as RMS in line graphs and bar graphs as well as 2-D and 3-D spectral displays synchronized with video.

DynaMap for the ProComp2 includes 4 channel sets and 15 screens for 1 and 2-channel SEMG applications. It allows you to select from four different sensor combinations for the ProComp2 to use SEMG or either a force sensor, goniometer or torsiometer.

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