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Over 95% of Thought Technology's sales are to tens of thousands of clinicians in over a hundred medical markets in 85 countries. Thought Technology supplies instrumentation to thousands of Universities, clinics, and hospitals, including all USA VA hospitals. In addition, our products are manufactured to FDA GMP, CE and ISO 13486-2003 standards.

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Over the past 32 years, over 10,000 Olympic and professional athletes have used our Biofeedback equipment, resulting in 5 Guinness records and many Olympic Gold medals. 'Weekend Warriors' can use this technology to achieve their sports goals.

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Over 500,000 GSR2's and GSR/Temp2X are in use - Learn more about "What Pope John Paul, Marlon Brando and the Women's Alpine ski team have in common". Learn how biofeedback can affect every aspect of your life, to enable you to reach your goals.

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Thought Technology's History

Reaction Time LogoIn 1975 Dr. Hal Myers and Lawrence Klein co-founded Thought Technology Ltd. These remarkable photos are testimony to the outstanding achievements of some of the many people who use our biofeedback instruments and programs. Much of the outcome is a testimony to the skill of the clinicians, and coaches who use our instrumentation and of the phenomenal spirit and courage of the athletes, artists and everyday people who accomplish their goals. Five Guinness Records, and over 10,000 Olympic athletes and a thousand Olympic coaches have trained on our instruments.

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