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Racing smart the word for short-track
By Bill Beacon, The Canadian Press

Olympics qualifiers the time to race smart
By Bill Beacon, The Canadian Press


Peak Performance


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Thought Technology's Solution for Peak Performance has been developed through decades of providing biofeedback and neurofeedback for professional and Olympic athletes as well as top performers in several other disciplines. It is the most comprehensive peak performance biofeedback solution on the market. Included are key elements of biofeedback techniques as they apply to peak performance as well as some original methods developed in collaboration with top trainers at the highest level of sport and performance in the world.

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“We (Apex Performance) have been using the ProComp Infiniti from Thought Technology for over 12 years now. We use their bio/neurofeedback hardware and software for mental skills training for high performance in sports, the military, corporate executives and others. We do not use it in a clinical setting. We have found the hardware and the BioGraph software that goes with it to be superior to other biofeedback products we have used in the past. Hardware is highly reliable and easy to use, easy to incorporate into larger training programs, and very user friendly. Software is varied and very flexible, has large range of interesting interfaces for the client during a session, and comes with a good array of training protocols. We are achieving great results with biofeedback training using the Thought Technology capabilities.” - Louis S. Csoka, Ph.D., BCB, CC-AASP President and Founder APEX Performance, Inc.

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