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Biofeedback Starter System - DeStress Suite with eVu-TPS

Biofeedback Starter System

Our starter biofeedback systems are ideal for clinicians who want to begin exploring physiological biofeedback without overwhelming their budget. ProComp 2 is a medical grade system provide you with out-of-the-box functionality and the possibility of...

Biofeedback Intermediate System

Expand your biofeedback practice with this versatile five channel multimodality system for classical physiological biofeedback. The system comes with skin conductance, temperature, respiration, heart rate and muscle tension sensors and all the software...

Biofeedback Expert System

Get the broadest physiological perspective of your client’s stress and relaxation responses with our most complete physiological monitoring and multimedia biofeedback system. ProComp Infiniti gives you the ability to do classic biofeedback with up...

Synergy Solution System - T4511

The Synergy Solution uses the eVu TPS finger sensors to access each user’s heart rate variability, arousal, and temperature. From there, we can see how they feel, if they are engaging, and how to best help them. The Synergy Solution is a tool...